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The Lord Saved my Family and Delivered me from Debts

I came to testify what the LORD has done for me. The LORD has not only delivered me but has also answered me more than what I ask of HIM.

Thanks to all who has intercede on my behalf too. Therefore, I want to share the joy with you all – the goodness of our LORD JESUS.

I wanted my Dad to receive CHRIST as he was diagnosed with terminal illness.

My Dad eventually receive CHRIST before he left this world. Praise JESUS. Shortly, my mum also receive CHRIST after my Dad has went home to be with the LORD..

I also asked the LORD to save me as I incurred a debt.

Throughout the ordeal, the LORD has sustain me. The LORD spoke and encourage me through a wonderful close friend.

My house which I bought doubled in value in six years. My wife and I prayed and sold the house within a short period even during this economic uncertainty.

With the debts cleared, we have a surplus of more than what we incurred in debt.

Praise JESUS


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