Clouds, Hands

The Lord is My Provider

Greetings to all of you in that precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I just want to share the goodness of the Lord with you. The Lord is truly my provider, whether financially, spiritually or naturally and not only that, but whenever I feel lonely, He keeps me company through His Word. For sure He sticketh closer than a friend.

How many times did He provide unto me and my family our daily needs. My husband doesn’t work yet, but the Lord in His way sees to it that we have that which is needful. Of the numerous times He healed me and my children is a classic testimony on its own.

My heart’s desire is to always put Him first in my life. Accepting the Lord Jesus Christ into your life is the most privileged and best thing one can do. May we always appreciate the good Lord and thank Him for His benefits.


  1. Mathias 3/31/2012
  2. Maria Czarina 4/10/2012
  3. EDWARD RODRIGUES 12/29/2013
  4. Emory 4/30/2022

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