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The Lord is Merciful

I grew up in a Hindu family, but never followed the religion. I never prayed or was in touch any God for 18 years. I went to a Catholic School and received teachings of morality through our school diaries. I liked reading some nice statements of love and encouragement on there.

At home, I only looked forward to the poojas and food during holy festivals. I was just not religiously enthusiastic at all. I moved to the States in 2001. I was extremely depressed and angry. Thank God for my friends who helped me heal at that time. The Lord reached to me through people many times.

After high school, I was dejected due to a guy. My dad’s friend told me about how she came to the Lord and met her husband at a missionary trip. It comforted me. College was very tough. I never fitted in and was still very angry and depressed. I stopped at a Church one time when I was lost.

During orientation, someone prayed for me, and it was answered. Someone parked their car next to mine and blocked it. I had to knock on a building where some people were gathered for Christian services.  I was invited in. More people came to me with the Word of God.

At that time, I was at the peak of forming an atheist club and becoming bitter. I got in several arguments and fought with them. Ultimately, I failed in some of my courses in college, derailed from my career path, and came running to Jesus. Surprisingly, I always lived next to a big Catholic Church in India.

My fam is in some issues right now and the Church has bought my home in India. It’s wonderful how I never knew the Lord was always next to me…next door…right across from my room. You open the windows, and you can see Jesus straight down the church doors. They were opposite.

It was only a matter of time. I am very thankful for all the people who touched me. My prayers have been answered ever since I became a believer. Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ and His Mercy. I love GOD 🙂


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