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The Long Journey

It has been a long journey, but as I look back I see that God had a plan for me and that every step I took in the journey bought me closer to God. I am 44 with two daughters. About 2 years ago my daughter was diagnosed with a brain defect and had to undergo brain surgery. Her name is Kerrilee and friends and family placed her and ourselves on prayer chains. At the time I did not realise how many people were in fact praying for her. She went into hospital and had the operation. The 2 doctors who attended to her were absolutely amazing. They even took into consideration our plight as parents and how we were feeling. She came through the operation beautifully and is still doing very well. It saddens me to read about other people with the same condition that also have had the operation but haven’t been as blessed as Kerrilee. During this ordeal I stopped praying because I was so worried, but I was aware that God never left my side. Then when she came out of hospital I retreated from life as the emotional strain had gripped me. I developed a physical pain in my hips and legs that kept me pacing at night instead of sleeping. Still I ran to doctors and although God was talking to me I was not listening. I stopped going to church because I was just so tired all of the time. The doctors diagnosed my legs as restless leg syndrome and put me on a medication for the pain and pills to help me sleep. The pills just helped the depression to grow. Then one day someone new joined my place of employment and she began chatting to me. I was drawn to her peaceful and happy disposition. One Thursday she said to me “I’m going to church tonight, would you like to come”. Without thinking I said yes and then spent all day concocting ways to try and get out of it. I hated going out !!! God had a plan though as I couldn’t think of an excuse and so I went. Well !! God claimed me back and I was hit full blast with the most awesome love. I also had the most insatiable hunger and thirst for Gods word. I wanted to stand on top of a hill and shout out to everyone how I felt. I have since found it hard to become involved in a novel as I love reading my bible !!! Since then I am back at church and I am happy. It took one step “going to church” for God to use that moment to snap me back. I have learnt so much. I was originally in a fairly traditional church which was good and am now in a more charasmatic church and it is wonderful. I give thanks to God for his Grace and for staying with me through my pain. For all those out there that feel that their depression will never leave them………..stop now !! because God took my depression and turned it into the most amazing joy… May God Bless you  to. I have also learnt that the power of prayer is awesome and God wants to bless us…

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