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The God of my Mercy Shall Preserve me Psalm 59:10

The God of my mercy shall preserve me Psalm 59:10

My name is V. Joshua. I was born on 02.06.1982 in a Christian family. My parents were very good believers in Lord Jesus. In spent my childhood very happily. When I was studying 8th Class. I used to go to cinemas without attending the school. I have seen six cinemas in a week. I failed 8th Class due to shortage of attendance with the fear of my parents , I left my house for three days After produced Medical certificate on head master promoted me to 9th Class. But I continued in the same habit without attending the quarterly, half yearly and pre final in X Class. I appeared directly for public examination and passed in I Class. Afterwards I completed my Intermediate (10+2) studies. I joined in B. Tech to study engineering during this period. I began to smoke and drinking of liquor. I had a great desire to ecru more money and lead my luxuriously. I want a good position and profession in this society.

I had good hope that I have passed B. Tech exams if I study only two days because I am clever. I never attended the practical or classes in my college. I got attendance by paying the money. I passed lab practical with recommendation of our seniors. But I was failed in regularly supplementary exam of I year. So, I retained in II year B. Tech. I left shame while my classmates were promoted to III year. I also felt very shameful to study with my juniors with whom I was made ragging. My father did all efforts for my promotion, but it was vain One day when I was alone in room, I want to do end to my life same night, all my desires disappeared in my life. I decided to go Himalayas Mountains for pray. If my God Jesus appeared. I will live for Him otherwise I die. I left my engineering education and came to my house. I remember that my mother was very sick when I was leaved my home after failed the 8th class. So I want to stay at home for a short period for the sake my mother’s health. But I was continuing in smoking, drinking and gambling. One day I got swear fever Lord torched my heart and provided me salvation by His grace. When ever I have seen old people. I think that one day I will be like this and I became discouraged about life.

Lord Jesus change my heart, my life , my thoughts, aims
Lord Jesus is My Property, my life. My Joy , My peace,
Lord Jesus is My all…

After God saved me and accepted me as His son. I began to face the troubles and temptation. God has spoken me whenever I was in prayer. The voice of God same times comforted me and some time make me fearful. So I confused for that voice One day when I was in prayer. I have seen my Lord Jesus. He is the unspeakable and un expressible figure. One day I was beside the railway back Satan forced me to fell under the train forsake because he wants to see how the God saved me… But at the same time two fold energy prevented me and pressure me from the harm. Once I went to outside of the town for prayer. While I am praying the lizard climbing on me. I feared and returned to my home. But I felt sorry for statue got cretory on my prayer. I had lot of incidents like this. God has given me the Gospel preaching ministry. The population of World is 700 Cores. I prayed God for winning of souls of 10% of the population i.e., 70 lakhs sold. God said me that he will give what I expected from Him. For Gospel preaching I will go the Nepal country in the year 2008. The Lords presence is with me. That is all in all in my life. I can` t live without this. Last two years I felt sorry for lack of peace and joy. All the mocking and hailing of the people can` t be separated me from the Lord. Kindly pray for me that I may have life, peace, grace and help of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

In the beginning days of my salvation my life was not victorious and jealous for the Lord like any other. I didn’t come to the Lord loving Him but with fear. In the beginning I faced much trails and temptations and criticisms and evil speaking against me. Like wise I face many trails from my own house to continue my education. I was very much troubled regarding God’s plan in my election. Before this I never attended Church. At times I was forced by my parents to attend the church. I had great fear that I may go astray from God. But after salvation my zeal for His service increased and still is increasing. Now it is very difficult for me to live without God and His presence and I cannot also. A great desire raised in me to live for Him and according to his commandments and statutes. A desire to see Him and hear His voice increased day by day. I never imagined that God will lead me in this way, saved me in a new way.

Even though I was misguided by Satan many times, God saved me and protected me and established my feet in His ways. Some times I was worried about my future. I had fear when I see beggars, why because, I thought that I will be traveling vied in preaching Gospel throughout my life. But Lord strengthened me through His words.

I won’t keep money for tomorrow but for today only. If I keep money with me, I will not depend on God, what ever I need, I will get it. If not, I will depend on the Lord, I will wait for Him then I can come closer to Him and know His greatness. Because of this the Lord will be glorified and exalted. The Lord will be happy that my son is looking at me and depending on me.

Satan is fighting against me and bringing many obstacles and problems, please pray for me that I may lead a life victorious and pleasing my Lord, whom the earth and heaven cannot contain but seated on the throne of my heart. I clearly see that the Satan fighting with me out side my heart in my prayer.

God started showing my nature very clearly after my salvation. One day a guest came to my house. At that time chicken fry was prepared in our house. It was very little. A stingy nature rose in my mind that alas! I have to give the chicken fry to this guest. Immediately God shown the bad nature within me, immediately I felt bad of my nature and selfishness just for the sake of chicken. God showed the envy, jealousy, heatedness etc., and removed them. Like wise I used to criticize and finding fault with others and rejecting people. One day in my daily Bible study, a verse from Jude 1:9 touched me that “the Lord rebuke thee” touched me. Later when I open my mouth to criticize some one, immediately God brings this verse to my remembrance. “Man, who made me a Judge a over you Luke 12:14″. With this verse the Lord is protecting me from criticizing others.

I used to look down upon people and was very proud. But God with His grace removed all these from me. After some days I started praying like this “Lord remove my past memories, even incidents happened just 5 minutes back, remove the thought for tomorrow and help me not look at others but to humble myself and let me not to see the things which are visible but Thee alone.” After this when I speak to a known person, I feel as if that person is new to me. Nothing will be kept in my memory about that person. This brought much joy into my life. I forgot many incidents in my life. I prayed that I should not think of anybody or any thing but Thee alone completely.

One day I argued and criticized with a man, I didn’t know that my behavior was very rude and proud until God spoke to me. As I came out, I heard a voice of the Lord saying “my son, do not be proud.” Immediately I asked the Lord for forgiveness. Then I felt happy, my spirit leaped and heart rejoiced. First time I heard God’s voice directly, that voice was solemn, sweet, commanding and strong. I don’t have words to explain it. Why because, God’s voice is that mighty. The Lord speaking with me and renewing my spirit daily.

one day I going to one town on bus suddenly I see the one young girl she is very beauty First time one young girl attract to me. But i see many young beautiful girls in my Engg college and my city but she is attract in my life first time. Because I never married only one person in my heart and He is our Living Savoir Lord Jesus And he loves to me. I see the girl I din` t know suddenly changed my thoughts and my eyes see the girl total filled my eyes is she that time lord Jesus removed in my eyes and thoughts. 3 Hours competed after Pray to Lord Jesus Please help me that time i see the Satan and his works.

Two Young Married Woman’s( Hindus) propose to sex. When I see the these woman’s are came to very close suddenly one power (filled in my heart Lord Jesus helping in my life) save to me many times. that time I don` t know Lord Jesus Save my life and your prayers very helping and supporting my life. That time my thoughts and body total Lord Jesus hands. Present these problems are solved and complete saved .

Not by might, nor by power, but my spirit, Saith the LORD of hosts. Zechariah 4:6 that time I(Joshua) completely removed in my heart. then he answered lord spoke to me I am very happy. I am only Dry bone Ezekiel 37

One week very struggled in my heart and my heart is very pain. Gods presence (power & strength) slowly down in my heart. Prayer is not come my heart and sweetly. One week I not good sleeping. But I total confused what happened in my life because God is my breath.

Lord Jesus suddenly open my spiritual eyes I see the clearly my heart and life. * I Loved the praise of Men, more than praise of God** do I seek to please men? I yet pleased Men, I should not be the servent of Christ.**

After Lord Jesus filled with presence, more strength filled in my heart. So I decided I never write the messages. My work is only preach the Gospel and spirits only. Lord Jesus promised to me he give us lakhs of spirits.

* I washed my feet: how shall I defile them Songs of Solomon 5:3 This sentence Lord Jesus spoke to me. I` m so cried.*

I prayed Like this for one year ie, ” Let Me see your Face, Let Me hear Your voice. Songs of Solomon 2:4″ I Asked to Him Every day in prayer. Will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Matthew 7:7,, How much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask Him. Matthew 7:11

While reading the Gods words He talking with me every day and touched Gods words. But my desire is Listen(hear) His voice so praying many hours and to see him. Now I can see and listen to the word of God with my spiritual eyes and ears. “My sheep hear My voice John 10:27. His delightful voice like an command it can` t be explained His voice.

One day I was praying God had spoken to me Like this “Don`t waste time” I usually waste my time. After offering prayers I started to read the Bible there I found the same phrase ie., “Do`t waste time” Ephesians 5:15 because “And the word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1:14”

One another day I attended meeting. I sat in the last row when I went there a sort of nervousness started in me. Then I prayed to God and as lied Him permission to leave the place Then I heard God saying sweetly “GO”. But I got a doubt whether it was the voice of God or the Satan. Immediately I prayed to God, O Lord it is really your voice the rain drops must fall now where on except my palm before the person finishes the prayers. It was a raining season to great my surprise the rain drops fell on my hand only. With this incident I felt greatly please and went home. ” Your Word is very pure; Therefore Your servant loves it. Psalm 119:140″

Of His own will He brought us forth by the word of truth, that we might be a kind of first fruits of His creature. James 1:18

In the beginning of the my life, I used to read Gods words only for a few minutes even for this short period I used to get head ache continued for at least six months. I went to a doctor for check up. He prescribed me to use specs even after using specs my head ache did not go then I prayed to the Lord for help me. He helped me. I was comforted I read Gods words.

If we read these words with our heart definitely those words will work on us. I have a strong desire to follow the Gods words in my life. I have observed the change in my behaviour while reading the Bible. Word of God seen and correct my nature. They encourage me and show the right path of life. My heart fills with utmost pleasure after reading His words. Still I learn more and more about Him and there by get enormous energy.

For example , I use to treat poor and rich persons in a different way. I showed partiality to poor persons. But after reading “Leviticus 19:15:- you shall not be partial o the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty. Leviticus 19:15”. Never show partiality to poor – Lord Jesus changed my nature and started to the love the poor. In this way God has showered His Grace, His nature filled in my Heart. Removing my nature. “For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Hebrew 1:12”

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. Ephesians 1:3

we are filled with Gods spirit we always look for God. Our spiritual eyes filled the presence of God. This comes through faith in God and Grace of God. The grace of God can be seen God mighty presence. I just want to explain the things in depth But God has not permitted me to write more than this.

I hope you understand the inner meaning. Don`t lose faith in God.


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