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The Day of My Salvation

On 2/12/2009 5:00am in the morning, I saw little white lights all around me. It was like a whirlwind. I couldn’t move, I was numb all over. I started to cry. Physically out of nowhere, I felt this most beautiful love I have ever felt before. Words can’t describe it.

I heard voices of my grandmother and, my aunt. They had been gone for years. I believe they were witness to my salvation. After it was all over, I saw Jesus for a brief second. He was wearing yellow and, it was bright.

After it was all over with, I saw shadows of angel wings on my bedroom wall. After this day I started to see regeneration in my life. The things, I used to do, I did them no more. I was changed from the inside out.

By 2010, I got baptized according to Matthew 28:19 and, started to get the beginning signs of the baptism of the Holy Ghost and, two years later, I received it totally. I never heard of going into God’s presence at the time of my salvation or even heard of it. This is my testimony on how I received salvation from God. Amen.


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