Woman experiencing a near death experience

The Day My Life Changed Forever

The day I had Hannah started out like any other day; we got up knowing that we had to be at the hospital early for a c-section. I was very nervous because I had trouble having my first son, I almost died having him which scared me to death. So, I was up getting ready and praying at the same time.

We made it to the hospital, and they started getting me ready. We had many people waiting on us to have her, many visitors. They took me back to the operating room hooked me up to everything and started giving me meds, A spinal block. After a few minutes they let Allen come in.

I kept telling them I could feel them working on me, she would take the knife and poke me in the stomach and say what about now.

Well, she told the anesthesiologist that I could feel it so he turned me upside down and said to wait a few minutes and I should be fine. I was scared to death; I knew something was not right and something was about to happen.

I was praying like crazy, nervous and worried. Well then, she started to take the knife and open me up, All I could do is scream it was killing me. I remember telling her,

“You’re killing me.”

She told the other doctor something’s wrong, so they ran Allen out and gave me meds to put me to sleep. Right when they cut me open, I went out of my body. I remember looking at my body and being scared and saying please don’t let me die.

I was looking around the room and Allen was scared and asking what was going on. He was praying but they made him leave. I kept seeing the doctor look into my face and it was like I was seeing from my eyes but outside.

Every one of the nurses and doctors was running in panic around the room. They were trying to bring me back and get Hannah out of me. I remember then an angel like person came and took me out of the room. He never said a word. I just knew everything that was going on without a word.  I felt it in my spirit, the words without a word.

Don’t be afraid of what you are seeing because I need to show you more.  He took me to the waiting room, and everyone was in panic, my brother Gene kept saying I knew something was wrong. Victor and Allen were praying. You could see worry. Maybe she’s dying. I kept thinking please don’t take me God. I have babies that need me, family that need me. Never a word came out of the angel’s mouth, but I knew he was showing me these things for a reason.

In less than a second I was looking down at what I thought would be the world. I saw different tribes, in different places of this world or heaven. Mexicans in one place, Americans in another and so on. I didn’t understand what or were I was, but it felt like heaven. In it when I looked around it was very light kind of transparent, many color very bright. Beautiful is all I can say.

But from where I was in the hospital to here, I was at peace and rest. I wasn’t scared anymore. I knew I was somewhere I needed to be. Without a world, I thought I was in heaven and God was speaking by spirit not by word.

Everything I saw was amazing, looked kind of like what you would think of as a new world, fresh. Everything was in its own place and was beautiful. Everything looked like as you look to the sky with your eyes shut. Bright like you could walk through it. But in place and everything was in its place.

The angel as I call him, I didn’t recognize but He was showing me around and without word he showed me different places of the world. Most of all it was like he wanted me to know hey there is a heaven, and this is what it’s going to be like. I didn’t say a word, but I remember think have I not believed in heaven enough or was I not where I should be with God?

He then without a word took me to different countries of the world, the one that stuck out the most was Mexico. I guess because I was familiar with the people because of serving in church at the outreach. He never said a word, but I could tell he was saying this is your mission, to serve all nations. To tell your story to the world. What you have seen and heard.

I remember thinking why me and how. I’m just a little nobody and no one will believe me. I didn’t understand. All I was doing was following.

Without a word I remember in my spirit it felt like he said I am with you, and you are not weak I have chosen you; you haven’t chosen me. This is your story, and this is how I am telling it. Don’t be afraid. Go and tell the world what you have seen and what you are going to see.

Then in less than a second, we were at a church, and it wasn’t the church where I was attending, it was somewhere else. I didn’t recognize it. But I was in the back and as I looked around, I saw several people up on the stage. I didn’t know any of them, so I didn’t understand what and why I was there. But I knew there was a purpose for it.

The people were very Godly people, I did know that, but I could hear what they were saying because wherever I was, you didn’t use words or sounds. It was all spiritual. Like you felt it all and understood through the spirit. I know it makes no sense but that’s how it was. No word but you understood everything.

After we left the church, we were back at the hospital, and I knew without words he said now you have to go back. So then in seconds I was back in my body screaming please God don’t take me.

I woke up and told my husband what had happened, and he didn’t really believe me. I told a few people and was scared to tell many because they wouldn’t believe me.

So, I kind of went into a depression. I wasn’t going to tell anyone because they didn’t have the faith I did. And of course, the devil will you it. So, I and only a few new what had happened. I was so excited to tell everyone, but they weren’t as excited to hear it.

Well, a few months had gone by, and we were still at our church where we were when I had Hannah and we were youth ministers. And our Pastor invited us to go to a church where I had been a few times, but they were having prophetic speakers and missionaries there.

So, Allen and I met some of our church members there. As soon as I walked in the door, I knew I was supposed to be there and that I had already been there. And that God was going to show me sometime to prove it had happened.

As I was sitting there a women kept looking at me and making weird looks. The kept talking about when God calls you, he has a work for you to do. They told about each one of them and how they were called. Every one of them had some kind of experience like I had and now they were doing it for him. Many different stories. I knew they were going to do something, and I was scared to death of what it meant and where it was going to lead.

I kept telling Allen this is the church that God took me to, and this is the people God was wanting me to hear. He was like come on and listen. I thought no one believed. He doesn’t believe me. I was quiet and listened to every word because I knew it was for me.

At the end of the service one of the women got up and said there is a woman that about died giving birth and went through a traumatic experience and God showed you somethings he wants from you. She called me up and told me everything I had went through and said God had told her.

I questioned her because I was in disbelief because no one believed me, and I wanted to know what it meant. She said exactly what I thought God was trying to tell me. That I need to get to work. God has a plan, and he uses us to tell it. I was so scared. I kept asking why me and felt like I wasn’t worthy enough to tell Gods story.

But now I know that I have a story to tell whether anyone believes it. God has a plan for us all and wants us all to tell our story, I know I have a greater job to do. I kept thinking I can’t quote scripture I have read my bible but not every day I go to church but I’m not strong enough.

Why not someone else and God said you have great faith in me. You don’t give up on things you believe in. You love unconditional and forgive without asking. This is why. I know I have more to this story, but I will add as it comes. It’s all my story and can’t wait till it’s finished.

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