Praying for my sister

The Contract Is Just Paper. Nothing Is Impossible with God

Our sister and her family are living abroad. She has a 2-year-old daughter and had been out of job for 2 years. I really love to help them financially however, LORD JESUS gave me the idea that instead of me doing the best that I can to provide for them, that I pray that it would go well with my sister and her family financially. So that’s what I have been praying.

Weeks later, we heard from her that she was back to her old company 2 years prior but only as a sales staff for a 2- or 3-year contract. She was the manager previously. I told our mom that we prayed to the LORD JESUS CHRIST TO bless our sister so that she’d be the manager again. Our mom said that it’s impossible because of the contract.

I replied that the contract is just a paper, and nothing is impossible with the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Also, deep down inside my heart, GOD knows that I’d love my sister to be the manager because they already have a kid, plus, they are currently renting. And I’d love my sister and her family to be prepared financially, having more than enough before the kid goes to school. You see, I did not pray for her to get that position again so that I can boast to my friends, however it is because of practical reasons.

Days later, our sister told us that the management has given her back the managerial position with a much bigger paycheck than what’s in the contract as a sales staff. There’s a new store that her company has opened, and our sister is handling that store. I told my sister that I prayed about it so that the credit goes to the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

And I myself too, give all the glory to the LORD JESUS CHRIST, our GOD our FATHER and our PROVIDER. LORD JESUS is a very hands-on GOD, and it pleases HIM to give good gifts and blessings to HIS beloved children.

Never stop believing in the LORD JESUS CHRIST. HE loves us so much. It pleases HIM to show us and to make us feel how much HE loves us. Always trust that LORD JESUS is the source, not the economy, not anyone, but the LORD JESUS our GOD is our source. LORD JESUS is much stronger than curses, no need to worry about evil things going on, we are secured in GOD’s love. Even the demons have terror at the sight and the knowledge of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. LORD JESUS CHRIST is all you need.

Commit yourself to LORD JESUS today. Believe in HIM. After you pray, thank HIM for HIS goodness and believe HIM for the timing. Please say this prayer:

“LORD JESUS, i recognize and trust that YOU are the ONE TRUE GOD. I repent of all my sins as I am confident that YOU will be working with me all the days of my life. Kindly give me a courageous, receptive and humble heart that worships and adores YOU. Kindly come to my life and let me know that YOU are with me. I make you my LORD and SAVIOR, my eternal FATHER. In the LORD JESUS’s mighty name, I humbly pray, amen.”

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