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“The Cancer Is Gone”

“We’re sorry. The chemo and radiation didn’t work. Your 29% chance of survival has just plummeted. Go home and put your things in order.”

The doctor’s words were not surprising really. It had been a tough few months. Stage 3C colon cancer. Two golf ball size aggressive tumors with cancer through the colon walls and into the lymph nodes there. My daughter drove me the 50 miles home.

When I got home my phone was ringing. “Karen” it said. Wow, I hadn’t heard from Karen in over a decade. She plants churches in Russia and other dangerous areas with her husband.

I said, “Hi Karen!”

She said, “Hi David! This is going to sound weird, but God just woke me up and told me to call you and tell you the cancer is gone… are you fighting cancer?”

I was a bit stunned…nervous laugh. I told her of my same-day conversation with the doctors and asked her if she would call and let them know God’s message. God help me in my unbelief. I have never heard Karen stern before that day. She said “DAVID! Are you going to listen to doctors or are you going to listen to GOD?!”

Fast forward 4 weeks. Doctors had performed a surgery to remove what they could. In the post-op meeting room were not the usual 2 – 3 doctors. Seven people there now from the hospital. I had received the report in the mail and knew why.

They operated on a healed man. Zero cancer anywhere… not in the colon, not in the colon walls and none in the 39 lymph nodes removed and they were STUNNED. I am not… GOD is good.

God is all powerful and God is not done with me yet. I have something left to do. One of those things is sharing this testimony. I’m sure there’s more. I feel guilty when others die from cancer now… why am I here? I just continue thanking Him… and praying for His will to be done in my life and help me to do what He has me here to do.


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