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The Best Christmas Gift Ever

For years, I “thought” I was saved. Then I went to Community Baptist Church and heard Brother Eddie preach. And, boy, can he preach! He doesn’t pull any punches! His motto is…Hell is hot and sin ain’t right!

So there I was, watching this crazy preacher jump around and shout, thinking, “I’m ok, I’m saved.” Well, being Christmas night, he informs us that we will be observing the Lord’s Supper. So I’m thinking, “Yeah, I remember this. We did this when I was a kid. Oyster crackers and grape juice.”

Then he pulls the rug out from under me. God uses this moment in time to thump me right between the eyes. Brother Eddie starts talking about how you’re not supposed to partake if you’re unworthy. And I realized that I was about as unworthy as they come. In fact, I was lost and on my way to hell. Needless to say, when the grape juice and crackers came my way, I refused.

Then after the service, he had the standard altar call. BUT. I couldn’t go down. I mean I. COULD. NOT. MOVE. Now I’m thinking, “Oh man, I’m gonna miss it, I’m too scared to go down there!” when Brother Eddie does something that astounds me. To this day, I believe it was just for me. He says,

“With every head bowed, every eye closed, lost person will you just slip your hand up. Just raise your hand.”

WELL. You better believe, I raised my hand! So then everyone goes outside, except for Blue, Brother Eddie, and me. We all go down to the altar and pray and I receive Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior!

At first, I was worried that people would think I planned it, you know, getting saved on Christmas day. But now, I know, it was God’s gift to me, the best Christmas gift ever! Thank you, Lord.


  1. Amanda Scott 10/8/2008
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