Winter Night Praying and Tennis

That Winter Night When He Saved My Soul

Greetings, peace, love, and mercy from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

I was asked to share my testimony on this website by Emory, so here I go. My name is Joseph, I also go by Joe. I grew up in a non-Christian household.

From the age of 6 I had been playing tennis and had always aspired to be a tennis professional. My dad always told me that anything was possible, and I believed him. So, I believed I could make it.

I got good enough to get a tennis scholarship at a school called “Point University”. They asked me one question before coming to the university that read something like this:

“Are you willing to learn more about the life of Jesus Christ?”

And I answered yes. So, I studied the scriptures there as I had to get a minor in Biblical studies to graduate.

And one faithful night in January of 2021, in the midst of anxiety, depression, and darkness, I got saved by the Grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ. No matter what I tried on my own I couldn’t find true joy. No amount of trophies or money or women gave it to me and none of that gave me inner peace.

I prayed and it was as if a switch was flipped.

What can a man give in exchange for his soul? Let me tell you, nothing. Jesus paid for my soul when the world and the prince of this world were trying to bring me down to hell. So, on that winter night when He saved my soul, I finally had peace, and not peace that the world giveth, but peace from God.

He’s always been there for me, even when I didn’t acknowledge His existence or even know that He was there. He’s been working on me and ever since that moment when the light switched on in my life. He has continued to show up time and time again.

It has gotten to the point where I believe that Jesus is the undeniable truth. I have seen too many miracles, felt too much peace, too much love, too many blessings (with persecutions of course) to do or say anything besides declare that Jesus Christ is Lord and savior of all.

To whoever reads this,

God bless you,


Homeless Ministry – Shady Grove Baptist Church, Marietta GA


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