Girl Worshipping God

That Day


My name is Lily. I was very young when I decided to follow Jesus and subsequently get baptized.

But at the age of 10, something dramatic happened to me. I was indecently touched by a lady. This brought fear in me confusion and I was afraid to react even though I did not enjoy this. This lifestyle continued for a couple of times until by the grace of God it stopped.

I continued my life as a teenager, very sad, unhappy with low self-esteem and weary. I wanted to follow God, but I was also attracted by the world and was eager to experience. So, I started compromising with going to parties with my friends, being rebellious to my parents and masturbation. I felt so guilty and one day I cried out to God for help and asked him to forgive me. Indeed, he helped me. He forgave me and cleansed and delivered me.

That day I made the radical commitment to go all the way with God and never look back.

Fast forward today I am saved, delivered, joyful, and full of life. Jesus gave me his holiness and the ability to live free. He set my mind free from immoral thoughts as well as thoughts of sadness and despair. I give him all the glory.


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