Thanksgiving Testimony

I will like to share this testimony to the Glory of God. i lost my father when i was about 4 years old. and sadly enough we were so poor that one my sisters was broughtup by mother’s elder sister while the remaining six of us returned with a truely heart broken mother to the dirtiest ppart of Nigeria at that time. harmed with no formal education she worked so hard to make ends meet. for the most my memory would carry me, i knew she had one clothe thenshe would wash it at night time, dry and wear againn the next morning and some times if she is not lucky she wears them wet the next morning. but mama was the best mother one would ask for. she brought us up in the ways of the Lord,most times we slept on the floor with no food but we were honorable and contented. i remember going to school was not fun because we couldn’t afford transport to school,trekking to and fro the school which is nothing less than 30km from my house, we get flogged for not being able to pay extra moral classes, provisions of little things requested by the school from time to time. i remember one time in primary 4 my mother had to weep to school to beg the teacher to exempt me as she can’t afford to pay.for all we lacked materially God compensated us with intelligence. mama was indeed married to all the sufficient God. she used to sing in our dialect that God will train all her Children. our home was leaking through the roof, floor whenever it rains.

Gradually God restored our hope, we completed school and got her a house off the slump, bought her,a duplex of six beedrooms in a decent area. my eldest sister is married now with 2 children. the eldest son is married and doing great. two of my sister are waiting God’s will in marriage. myself am married with a beautiful daughter. my elder brother is in finland working and happily married, with a son and a baby girl on the way while our last born is studying in Cyprus.

Indeed, ours is a testimony of God’s divine protection, providence and above all love. who would have thought we would survive let alone being something or somebody. indeed God be praised.