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Testimony: Thanking God

So I found this website on the 24th of April 2018.I had taken an hsk4 exam the previous day and I was devastated and believed that I had failed again as I had written the exam twice before and failed.

Beloved, I came across this testimony, the person was in the same shoes as me, no hope of passing, stressed, everything. I needed to pass this exam so that I would graduate. As I was reading through this testimony I became strong in my faith and I started to believe that I had passed this course although I knew that the exam was so difficult and the chances of me passing were low.

So as I was reading this testimony I promised God that if I pass I was going to share my testimony on this website. Hallelujah,

“for with God nothing shall be impossible” Luke 1:37.

My result came in 2 weeks later. I opened my results, God is faithful brothers and sisters. I passed the exam although it was hard and all, and  given the fact that this was the third time taking the exam I had lost hope and faith but the Lord made me strong in my weakness. Amen


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