Praying Girl

Thank God For Working In My Life

I just want to share that I have finally gotten a job and I am very grateful to God for answered prayer. This year has been very complicated for me and due to some very difficult circumstances, I was not able to work for most of the year. This was really very difficult for me, because I have always worked – started working while I was a full-time college student and hadn’t ever stopped. By God’s grace, my supportive family was there during this difficult time and after the money I had saved was gone, they supported me financially as well, especially since they knew how badly I wished I was in a position to work.

Finally, 3 months ago, I was blessed with the ability to work! I was so excited and started looking for a job. But almost 3 months later, I had applied to so many jobs and been to some interviews and still wasn’t employed. It was very shocking to me, because I was known for getting a job with minimal effort. In the past I would go to my first interview, be offered a job and that would be the end of the search. It was easy.

But this time around was different. I had to take a step back and really figure out what was going on. So I went to God. What I have realized is that I put too much trust and confidence in my own ability, and even though I always thanked God for what I had, I still wasn’t putting enough focus on the fact that God graciously gives me everything I have.

I must say that what I have gone through this year has really brought me closer to God. I used to feel like everything in my life came easy and with each year, my relationship with God worsened. I was raised in a good Christian home and used to have such a wonderful, enjoyable relationship with God when I was younger. But that faded away in my adult life. I was still attending church occasionally, rarely reading my Bible, but the relationship was nothing like it used to be. I certainly wasn’t praying on a daily basis.

This year, I have really begun to understand the grace of God and His loving mercy. And I have started to regrow and redevelop my relationship with God and it has been quite enjoyable. I feel God is preparing me for success in the next phase of my life and reminding me that once I walk with Him, the future will be bright!

Now, God has blessed me with a part-time retail job, and I am so very grateful! I am still looking for another job, because I am a professional in the finance industry and would like to return to that field, but this job has given me hope and a source of income and I place to look forward to going. This part-time job is also a blessing because I will be able to keep working there in the evenings, even when I get a full-time job (which is something I have done in the past – work full-time during the day, and part-time at night to occupy my evenings).

I am so grateful for my family and for everything they have done to support me. I am so grateful that God has given me inner peace and is just helping me and changing me into a better person. I have grown so much as a person and as a Christian and I could not be more excited about the future and who I see myself becoming. God has really been gracious and it’s such a wonderful thing. All praise to Him!! Amen.

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