Testimony to His Promise…

I live among the unsaved….they are precious to me….and I ache to see them in the Spirit of Christ and I do…with my heart I believe what my eyes cannot see…that I believe in the Lord Jesus and so I and MY FAMILY will be saved.

I ache….to see them hurting the Lord.. by idol worship…to see them chasing after the peace of the see their hard heartedness and blindness of spirit. How deaf are they to the Word of God.

I used to pray in desperation and panic for their salvation for many years…when the Lord in His loving kindness removed that burden from my heart. Through other believers and what I read on this site especially I realised that it is not my work but His that will change them. I can spiritually warfare, and fast and pray but not with desperation , with CONFIDENCE in His promise. Just believing that they are released already. The evil one tries every trick in the book to lead me to despair through those I love the most but he is lamenting because he knows he lost the battle long ago!! And this testimony further casts him down.

I see it in my life.  I had earlier posted my testimony “My testimony and the beginning of a love story“…in which I had described how though I was saved, I was tormented by the evil one for so long. But the Lord Himself by His own hand has taught me how to pray, how to spiritually discern and warfare that which has bothered me. How to bind and loose in His name… Hallelujah Jesus!!

when I could not hear His still small voice He would send fellowship to me and succour , yes to me who has no close friends and am not allowed to go for worship.

From broken relationships, a tormented household, a confused and depressed mind, and from a childless marriage,from a host of terrible troubles,  Jehovah , my husband (Isaiah 54), Jehovah Rapha my healer, Jehovah Jeirah, my provider, has placed me in a beautiful household where His peace reigns, an abundance of material provision,  and I have two beautiful sons and a loving husband. And I say, in all humility, I am content in Him. My boast is in Him , that I have provision to Him, that powerful Lion of Judah is my advocate. No longer am I depressed but I cast down every thought that exalts itself against the knowledge of God and bring all my thoughts into submission to Jesus Christ. 2 corinthians 10:5

He gives me grace to stand in whatever storms the flesh may throw at me.

All I can say is People of the Lord, it is worth it, YES, ALL worth it, to throw all and follow Him. I lost alot in my worldly life  to follow Him, and now stand alone in my faith, within my immediate family but He is the restorer and I know He is restoring even today. I see the signs and wonders.  If you are obedient beyond your understanding to Him, He will guide you. He will …