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Testimony of Niranjan Kanna a Slave of Sin

This is My Testimony

My Name is Niranjan Kanna . Born in Hyderabad.
Andhra Pradesh State, India. I was raised in a Christian Family
My mother was Born again Believer in Jesus Christ.
But my Father is a Social Worker. He didn’t Known Jesus with His Heart.
Jesus is Only In His Mind.

So when we were Living in Nizambad district of AP.
we Lived a Life with no relatives We r in the Hands of JESUS
He saved us from all kinds of circumstances. Because
My Mother was Born again and Lives for Him.
Then I went to school. I Have One Brother One sister.
SO every day My Mother and we all Pray with Fear of God.
Singing Hymns and Praising God. my age was 7 years may be at that time.
i was lead by God. But when I joined school. My Mind was Corrupted with evil thoughts.
I used my self will to do the things of flesh.

No One is there to advice or to stop me from those ugly things.
Playing and doing all kinds of Ugly things was my life at that Time.
That was my school life. Then after completion of 4th Grade we shifted to Hyderabad city.
Then I was lead by my flesh and its lusts doing all kinds of sins.
Slowly watching movies and learning sins committed by them in TV.
started doing those sins but I had no peace.

But my Mother takes me to Hebron Church Golconda Chowrasa, Hyderabad.
There They Strictly take me to Sunday School. I used to cry in Sunday school
because I was separated from my mother. So I had fear to Go to church because they separate me from my mother.

In those days also I used to do all kinds of ugly things of lust of flesh.
and in the 10th Class and I was introduced to smoking by friends and then
slowly alcohol.(But the way of the wicked is like total darkness.

They have no idea what they are stumbling over(Proverbs 4:19).
I have failed in 10 th class and later in second attempt I passed with average marks.
so I had no interest in study. I had set my mind to fulfill all fleshly lusts.
slowly I started robbery from friends pockets and mother and fathers money to use them for alcohol to buy cigarettes to enjoy with friends.

I became a small thief for my self. Then I Had Friends who r Rowdy sheeters
They are Involved in all kinds of sins and one of my neighbour took me to an internet cafe
with Him He showed me porn sites then I was addicted to them and chatting with others.
i use to follow them I don’t wanted to be Honest and I wanted to be Like the mind of Goliath.
So I set my mind I building body. so I started eating food with much Chicken
and mutton, so after one year I became fat. Then I was also failed in intermediate.
But my Mother never stopped Praying for Me. My Brother was Not like me. He is sincere.
after some days after becoming fat I experienced Hell in my Life.

Because of the sins which I committed there is No Peace No Joy No Satisfaction.
i have tried to do work for little salary but I had no peace I was Like that I lost all my Life.
(Proverbs 5:11 In the end you will groan in anguish when disease consumes your body.
12 You will say, “How I hated discipline!
If only I had not ignored all the warnings!
13 Oh, why didn’t I listen to my teachers?
Why didn’t I pay attention to my instructors?
14 I have come to the brink of utter ruin, and now I must face public disgrace.”) This was My Life.

I cried daily on my bed to be saved from that Hell which I was experiencing in my life.
So my Life was Like that going for some years so I was hated by my brother.
because I was lazy. One day One Pastor came to our House and arranged a meeting he
came to our many times but I was in darkness. Then He told me to read Bible from first to last
He gave me One Testimony of small sister How she reads Bible How she Completed Bible
So I decided to read Bible so I started reading Bible secretly in my Home and Loved it.
before reading From Beginning (i.e. Genesis) I had some knowledge of Psalms read Bible sometimes in past like pslams 91 and 23 psalms.

But I never read whole Bible in my life. SO I started reading Bible. Then Bible Showed me my sinful nature slowly I feared God. so I thought that God Gives Me Knowledge. in proverbs it says “fear of the God is the beginning of the Knowledge” so I feared God for Knowledge. SO God gave me some knowledge He showed How fool was I doing sins and lost Good Health. My Heart was Mourning in the presence of God.

Then I loved Word of GOD very Much. and read all the old testament and Law but I had no knowledge of law then I read proverbs and Bible showed me my sins and I was Begging for Gods Mercy. Then I little by little completed Old Testament. But I Loved and eager to Read New Testament which I never Read.

Now my Heart is thirst for Gods word. but I had no salvation. and I don’t know anything about salvation. I used to chat with friends on internet discussing abt God and debating with them that Jesus is GOD. But for Myself it was not revealed to me.

Then I started searching the Truth and Typed in Internet “Google” website and saw many websites quoting the Gods words.

Then it Showed me Jesus Words I read some words from it “Jesus didn’t spoke any word by Himself But whatever God gave Him He spoke” These Words Comforted me Very Much.

SO I started Believing in Jesus Slowly I became a Lover of Bible. daily meditating on Gods Words I Tried to be like righteous person. because of the fear of GOD and HELL.

Because I Know that I definitely Go to Hell because I committed many bad sins.
One evening I was at Hotel One Brother invited me to come to church then I went with Him Hebron Church which was Near to my House

AT Golconda Chowrasta. slowly I learned about Gods grace and How he Forgives our sins.
So I started Going to Church Regularly showing my family that I became a Good man.
Then suddenly I stopped alcohol some Bad qualities are disappeared My Friends are drunkards.
It was difficult for me to stop it. It was a miracle in my Life. But by Gods Mercy I stopped it. then slowly smoking and all vulgar things.

Then it was continued for many days and I’ve accepted Jesus in Church and filled the Decision Card and gave them.

Then on September month in 2008 one day I was reading the Book which was written by Brother Bakth Singh about Fullness of GOD. Then Suddenly I felt like some thing came forcefully from my back and Touched and Entered into me. I trembled with Fear it was Gods Presence. Holy Spirit Touched me cleansed me my sins and circumcised my Heart.

Then I experienced much Peace then God took me to church on other day with trembling I went to church and I had an enthusiasm to share my experience with others. in my Home we had a Discussion about GOD in my Home By Brother was talking about Gods Law and He said we r Not Under Law We r Under Grace. I didn’t know abt that Because I was reading Gospels in those days. Then days Gone it was revealed to me that My sins are Forgiven God spoke to me by Pastor of Hebron church.

Then I Had the Assurance of Forgiveness I was Thirsty to hear Gods Words in Both Church and TV. Now my New Life Begins. but didnt overcome all sins many evil thoughts disturbed me daily in my dreams and in day. I prayed to God with fear but inevitably I cant stop evil thoughts and desires. I thanked God for delivering me from sins. All alcohol and drinking and porn. Then I read Bible and Acts chapter Gave me Much Peace. Gods Miracles I have read n Acts Chapter And Imitated Peter. This Words are in my heart daily “JESUS is the Way the Truth and the LIFE”

Days are Gone Like that I failed many times in sins committed with my eyes and with mouth speaking ugly words. But God’s fear was with in me. I was Very Happy that God was Living in me. So I meditated to be Humble like Jesus Sermon on Mount became my Lovely Words. Now I am BORN AGAIN that what I learned form Church . I am Born of the Spirit as God said in Acts 2:17

I will pour out My Spirit up on all flesh”… God was with me warning in church of my sins I learned many Things from Church and Obeyed God in Prayer and reading Bible. days Gone Like that I was happy that I was saved. But the Lusts of Flesh remained like same. Motions of Body. I fully not obeyed GOD.

Then in 2009 One Pastor named devdas from Hebron church Spoke about Tabernacle. He explained difference Between Born again children and other who have Gone Forward Spiritually Grown Persons who had heard Voice of GOD. Jesus is My Saviour that’s all I know I don’t know to carry the Cross and Follow Him. I took Baptism on 23 May 2009. I didn’t meditated on it. But I tried to follow Bible Jesus said “Take up your cross and follow Me” I know this verse but I never applied in my life. Then after some days I was speaking to one person on the Internet He said don’t u know Jesus said Not all Who says Lord Lord will enter Kingdom of GOD but those who do the will of GOd will Enter Heaven

These words Touched my Heart because I was not doing the will of God. Then He redirected to one preacher who is a preacher on Internet He was a Jew. Messianic Jew. He Follows Jesus and Obey Him. He speaks in Videos in Youtube website.

Then I started watching his videos. He Told me the Importance of carrying the
Cross. To die to self will and do God will. I asked Him By What does it mean by carrying the cross He said “Death to Self” and Following JESUS.

Then I Obeyed GOD With a Faith that He will Fill me With Holy Ghost. Because many prachers said that every born again child God gives talents.

Then I thought I had no talents Given By God because of not obeying Him Fully. Then I prepared my Heart to Obey Him fully. Then I thought its Internet. Why do Jesus Force Me. Then I Went next day to Church There also they preached about Importance of Carrying the Cross and Obeying Him fully. GOD Hates sin.

From that Day God Spoke to me to follow Him and Stop doing sin. The Now it is Present day I am Obeying GOD to Grow Spiritually and to do Gods Will. Thanks To GOD. HE NEVER Left me Nor Forsook me. He was always with me from my Childhood teaching me Good things to follow but I refused in those days But Now I prepared myself to follow Him with Love and Fear. JESUS DIED FOR SINS. AND ROSE FROM DEATH. This is My SONG Forever.

Please Pray For me. Thanks to GOD.


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