People Sharing Christian Testimonies

Testimony Of Joseph Wilson

I want to start off by saying, everyone has been through something in life that was bad, some people have been through horrible situations, but now I know that God has always been there to help us. Growing up from child age to my teenage years was hard for me, I felt like I didn’t belong here on this world, but if I had just trusted Jesus & put my faith in Him, He would have made it better for me to bare those years. Then in my twenties, I just went astray & I got lost in the world. I ran to sex to comfort me, & back then for me sex comforted me from my anger & pain, but it just made my anger & the pain I had inside worse and I became bitter, that’s what Satan wanted was for me to just give up on myself.

I knew Jesus, but I didn’t have a personal relationship with Him then, I didn’t run to Him for help & forgiveness, but I ran to the world in a pit of destruction. I am a sinner, but I know God loves me & He chose me & called me to do a great work for Him, even though I am not worthy of God’s mercy, but His grace He has forgiven me and washed me clean by abundantly giving me His Glorious Spirit to live in me & guide me, He loves me & I love Him. Jesus is my Lord & Savior, and I thank God that He lives inside of me & He gave Himself for me & shed His blood for me for the remission of sins. God has given me many Spiritual gifts, I have a very strong passion for giving and helping the hungry & the homeless.

I want to help all people who have no place to go, & help them find their way and Jesus is the way, the truth, & the life. Being a blessing to the homeless, the hurting, & the suffering is a passion & a gift of mine that God has given me. I thank God that He finds me worthy of my walk with Him, even though I still do wrong, but God is faithful. He has called me & has chosen me for a great work and He is bringing it to pass by blessing me along with my mom to fulfill our ministry, “St. Barnabas Faith & Hope Recovery Center”. I want to bring God’s word to all & to strengthen & encourage them by building up their faith, hope and their trust in God, we can do nothing without Jesus.

We all can trust God because His word is true and everything He does it right, I know because I am a walking miracle of God’s mercy. I was diagnosed with HIV in 2001 with phenomena & I almost died in the hospital,but God. He sent a angel to me, I believe she was an angel & she told me everything is going to be ok. But yet I was still living for myself & living in sin on my way to death. God’s grace, His mercy, His faithfulness & His forgiveness, i believe God was tired of me playing around and He wanted me to come back to Him.

I had a vision that woke me up & this is the vision i had, I saw the coming of the clouds & the way we will be going up in the clouds & it was so breathtaking & beautiful, then all of a sudden it was over. The Lord is coming “SOON” to take the saints His church home with Him to God’s glorious kingdom in heaven, & that vision is what got me together to be at peace with God (JOB 33:28,30). God’s mercy and His love for all of us is that He wants us to come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ His Son and be saved. God saved me and pulled me out of the pit (ISAIAH 38:17) and He healed me from HIV in 2010 (PSALM 107:20), after I came back home to Him & obeyed God (2CHRONICLES 7:14), Amen. My Father has given me a strong faith & my faith is in the Son of God Jesus Christ my Lord & Savior & through my obedience to Jesus, God has made me well and He wants to make us all well, the Lord is a Healer & He loves us all. God is good! I hope in God, I belong to God, He chose me & formed me & He predestined me for His glory to do a great work. I live my life fully for Jesus being led by the Holy Spirit, I left myself & I have took up my cross, I’m a child of the Most High God, the living Father. I am married to Christ, & Jesus is my Lord & Savior. “I pray this word encourages many people.” God Bless, Amen.

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