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A Testimony from New Zealand

I was born in raised in a god-believing family. No we didn’t go church for personal reasons due to my parents choices of not going to each-others church but yes we were believers of christ. When i was 7 years old dad would pay me to read the bible ( obviously money was my motivation for just about anything at the time ). As I grew up reading the bible slowly strayed away from me and I continued to live life. At the age of 13 I suffered severe loneliness, then at 14 I went through depression and turned to witchcraft for answers. Half the year I was in Australia for dad had work there , then we moved back to New Zealand when his 6 months was up overseas. Long story short I was haunted in everynight , saw a demon face on my window, lights went on and off, couldn’t even sleep with the lights on either. Every night was a torment for me but i didn’t know at the time it was because of the witchcraft i had commited early on in the year. I’d try to call on the lord and read my bible but my faith was lacking and i still followed my ways of witchcraft. We then decided to move to Australia and that calmed things down a bit. New Environment. It didn’t seem that god was talking to me but he was. Going through depression I only stuck to one bible verse ( Mathew 6:34) because of the paranoia i suffered from smoking ciggarettes everyday. At the age of 15 I prayed and asked god for new friends, eversince he answered my prayer a passion blew up in me and it was never- ending. At 16 I decided to get baptized , had demons haunting me every night that i went to church. One night i prayed and they all went away, no more dreams , no more visits. At 17 my last year of school the lord was trying to talk to me through dreams and through other people but i ignored him and went my own way. I didn’t realise that i had played the role backwards. Instead of repenting and giving my heart to god and then getting baptized, i got baptized first and forgot about the rest and went my own way still. I strayed for awhile still sinning in my pleasures until I hit 19. The lord exposed my sins to other people in dreams they would have about me. Hard to believe ? Not so. I would be confronted about the sins i commited and soon enough alot of people found out. I then realised how shamed & guilty i felt and thought about the lord dying on the cross and cried my eyes out . I knew that i was guilty of sin and guilty of running away from the lord. That’s when the lord decided to show me how powerful he really was.  After all that i then one day fell on my knees and surrendered to the lord and gave my heart to him. And boy did it feel good ! I felt a great sense of protection, satisfaction and all my voids were filled with his love and presence and mercy. I then ran away from the lord because of the shame & guilt i was feeling , it was so bad that i could’ve commited suicide , but thank the lord for he kept encouraging me to hold on for another week…and another….and another… and here i am today. I confessed my sins, asked to be covered with his mercy and grace . I then came back home and straight away gave him control and felt like everything was being taken over by the lord above. As soon as i forgave those who have hurt me he covered up all my pain and to my surprise i can’t even remember half the things that happened ! Actually as soon as i forgave them he erased all of it ! The only memories i get of them now is when they really friendly to me…… And here I am today. I don’t know where i’d be without him, he is merciful yet loving and caring. Praise the lord =]

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