Raising hands while playing in band

Put Your Hands in the Air: Testimony for Jesus

One night I went to sleep really depressed and I felt like a loser and kind of hopeless. Then I had this dream. In my dream Jesus’ face appeared in my face smiling. His face was huge probably as big as me. Then he backed up some and he looked like a normal person. Then he told me to put my hands in the air. The smile never broke on his face it was like telepathy. I did not understand why he wanted me to put my hands in the air, but when I did it felt great.

I even started dancing and I never dance in front of people. I started walking like an Egyptian it was a dance when I was a kid and I just burst out laughing hard it was great I felt so happy and excited just like you do as a kid. Jesus started laughing too. He was even clapping his hands. Jesus seemed so happy for me it was great.

The next day I felt a lot better and never felt that depressed again even to this day and me and my cousin even practiced our music. We were in a band and hadn’t even played music in a while, but we did that day and while we were playing music out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw someone, but then I thought who could be in the house.

Then I forgot about it, and I saw it again and in front of my face was Jesus smiling at me again. I was playing the drums and my cousin was in front of me playing the guitar. Jesus was right next to my cousin. It was just his face, but it was bigger than my cousin. It kind of reminded me of a hologram. I felt this overwhelming peace in my mind and body.

Jesus watched for about 10 – 15 seconds I keep looking over to my cousin, but he had no clue Jesus was right next to him I don’t think he believed, at the time, he does now though, but I did not care at all.

It was awesome.

Jesus was there for a while and eventually I messed up on the drums and Jesus was there and left smiling the whole time. Whenever you feel peace that is Jesus letting you know he is there.

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