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Tell Them That I Love Them

I was born of Canadian immigrants in 1957 in the Chicago suburbs. My father was a go-getter entrepreneur and my mother worked for the Canadian government and was fluent in 7 languages.  I had spinal meningitis when I was 2 years old, which was almost always fatal in those days.

A specialist from India was visiting the hospital and heard my mother’s pleas. He was able to drain the spinal fluid and saved my life. The infection reset my brain and I had to relearn how to walk. My parents later tested me and discovered that I was a genius, so they bought me a set of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

I was raised a Catholic but was a Christian fundamentalist for as long as I can remember. I would spend hours reading my mother’s King James Bible and “reading the red”.  I grew up in a normal, upper middle-class family in the 60’s, with 2 brothers and 4 sisters. My parents planned for me to go to college. My mother wanted me to be a doctor.

I was in advanced placement classes. I also worked in my father’s business, along with my brothers. My mother died suddenly of a stroke when I was 16, and our family unraveled. My father began drinking heavily, and I dropped out of High School to work at various jobs. Eventually, my father snapped out of his depression and remarried, and I moved into an apartment with my brothers.

I met a great Christian girl at a company I worked for, and later at a computer class in college, so I asked her to dinner. Soon we were married. We are still married today, 31 years later. She is still just as beautiful as the day we first met.

Eventually, we planned for a child, and my wife Marie was soon pregnant. One day I came home from my job and heard a phone message from my mother-in-law – the baby was coming! While driving to the hospital, I heard a clear, loud voice saying,

“Everything will be OK”.

I didn’t know what to make of that, and I continued on my way.

There were complications in the pregnancy and birth, and our son was put in an incubator. In a few days, we took him home. Later, when he would not talk, we found out that he was autistic. He would take us by the hand and point at something rather than talking.

As Christian believers, we would pray over him constantly, and we could see his ears turn bright red as the Spirit rewired his brain. Meanwhile, we were told by several specialists that Ben would never be able to express himself, or go to college, or do any normal things.

We joined a large church that had a separate ministry for children with special needs, and Ben has prospered there. He is a big Christian believer and makes people smile. He recently performed a leading role at a play that was attending by over 15,000 church members. We found out that he has an eidetic memory (he remembers everything). Ben has become an Eagle Scout, earned a Black Belt, and graduated from High School. He is now attending college for a degree in Culinary Arts. Anywhere we go in our area, someone knows Ben. By the way – he can talk your ears off!

My father had instilled in me a good work ethic, and I have always had a job. I have worked mostly in the Information Technology field, and that is what my degree is in. I started a multimedia business that went well until the “dot-bomb” crash in 2000.

On February 6, 1999 I was sitting on my bed praying and the Lord spoke to me in a loud voice. He said, “Tell them that I love them. Tell them that I care. Tell them that I am coming for them. Prepare, like a man who has been told he has just a short time to live. Heal, forgive, and perform those acts of charity that you have been putting off. Tell everyone that I am coming soon for My bride.”

At this point, He said, “What do you see?” I looked down at the pattern on the bed. It was a pattern of budding flowers. He said, “Open yourself up to praise Me…receive My love…stretch yourself out to Me”.  After that, He said: “My reward is with Me”.

Then I said: “Lord, give me a sign in the heavens or on the earth, so that they will know that this word is from You!” Then I saw a vision of an arm, up to the shoulder, with a gun in its hand. The gun fired two times. The arm was pointing downward. The Lord said: “There will be two shots fired that will be heard around the world. This is a sign, so they will believe that this word proceeded from My throne.”

After He left, I quickly wrote down what happened so that I would have a record of this message. I sent the message to many churches and ministries, but it was mostly ignored. I went on with my life. In September of 2001, I saw the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York City. I knew then that the Lord confirmed His word. The Lord is coming soon!

After the Web business boom went bust, I got involved in a real estate business. Also, during this time, I worked on physics “Theory of Everything”. I joined forces with a science friend, and we published our theory in 2003. Simply put, our theory explains the relationship between gravity and electromagnetism, between the very large – like galaxies, and the very small – like atoms. We were invited to present our theory at a physics conference in London in 2006. It was the largest collection of nerds I have ever seen.

The real estate business went bad when the Great Recession happened in 2008. There was a lawsuit that was later dismissed. Starting in 2008, my sister and I ran an Internet-based ministry called “Rapture and End Times” that reached thousands of ministers and pastors around the world. We could see the major signs of the End Times in 2008, including the rise of Turkey and the European Union, the increasing environmental disasters, the economic collapse, and the start of a one world religion.

I completed a degree in Information Technology and was working on a degree in Human Services Management to equip me for running our Christian organization. I was ordained as a Minister through Full Gospel Churches International in 2009. During the ordination blessing, I had a vision of a man in great distress and covered in filth. He was pleading “help me!” At the time, I had no idea what that meant.

In 2010, just before Thanksgiving, I went to check my mailbox and there was a letter from the Department of Justice. I read that I was being indicted for mail fraud for the real estate business. At first, I thought this was a terrible set-back for my ministry.

Later, at the Federal Prison Camp, I realized what a great learning and ministry opportunity I had. While at the camp, the Lord gave me a much clearer understanding of our place in His universe and our position in Christ. I have continued to track the current events as they relate to Bible prophecy, and the Lord’s message could not be any clearer – He IS coming soon for His bride!