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Should I Talk To Her Again?

It’s been 9 months since I broke up with an x of mine and for some reason there hasn’t been a day where I haven’t thought about her. We only went out for 1 month we were perfect at first but in the end some stupid stuff happened, and we ended up just separating. Honestly, I was really heartbroken like never before when we separated but because of the heart break, my relationship with God grew a lot because I looked for him even more for comfort.

So God actually used that relationship and the heart break to draw me closer to him. We really haven’t talked at all in those nine months, I have been focusing really more on my relationship with God and what not. But for some reason… I have not been able to forget this chick at all. You know, you would think that I would forget this chick in 9 months of no communication at all and it being just a relationship that lasted 1 month but for some reason she has been on my mind constantly.

I pray for her a lot because she is always on my mind you know. I worry about her honestly sometimes too. I recently had two really serious dreams of her back-to-back. Both the same concept but different backgrounds and settings. They both portrayed her being lonely. I’m not gonna describe them because they are really long but, in both dreams, she looked really lonely.

I really don’t know why I can’t forget her…sometimes I ask God to help me forget her but it’s always the same. Is this weird? Is this me or is God trying to do something and I’m just not paying attention?  Trusting God.


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