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Sweet Jesus in the Heavens, come down upon me tonight…

My Name is David Ronning 59 living in Des Moines, IA. I have been feeling the stirring of something much bigger and more meaningful as a career or ministry. My time in Des Moines has been a time to claim a much greater Blessing of sobriety and healing

I have been feeling the stirring of something much bigger and more meaningful as a career or ministry. My time in Des Moines has been a time to claim a much greater Blessing of sobriety and healing

As I prepare and am proofing my testimony. I know there many people struggling with addiction(s) and not finding the so to speak a cure. I have been to 15 treatment centers it wasn’t until I was in my bedroom all alone kneeling down in prayer and calling upon Jesus, almost pleading to take this yoke of a terrible addiction from me. This time I sat still for hours in fervent and the most sincere prayer. Soon after that, the miracle happened and the thoughts cravings, desires for the drug, absolutely was taken away just like that!

One of the things I recognize and resonate with is the different “Seasons” in our lives My season, living in Des Moines, is temporary, a mere stop on my life journey being prepared by the Master to better serve the Kindom. a season of healing, enlightenment, discernment and most important, a reconciliation with my inner “Trinity”, what I call the seed of God within us as we are created in His image, For me Trinity is my heart, spirit, and soul coming to alignment with the image of God. allowing God to “Further” us.

Rescued from the Devil’s Drug Meth…

My Intravenous use of meth, I was meeting the devil head on some really crazy things would occur after I shot a big load of meth in my body. I would feel like I was in an elevator and looking out the window I could see that I was moving downward. I would then lay down in my bed and would feel my mattress being pressed down at my shoulders and slowing pinning my shoulders down, hands slowly running up my legs. hearing a train in the distance coming closer and closer to me and very strange a vehicle would stop out front of my house (I would peek outside and there wasn’t anything in the street) once the vehicle stopped in short order, my living room mini blinds would make a noise like a ghost coming through my window, at that point is where I would feel the physical magnifications on and around my body.

One early morning coming down from a high I could hear my Pastor’s voice and see a very bright light passing across my windows saying,

“David David David”

Many nights I would close my eyes and see the wide open mouth of a venomous snake with big fangs, I did get swallowed by this snake and I could feel being sucked into a different demention and would feel very cold even under heavy blankets. One night near the end of my using I did call out to Jesus and I heard a sound that one would make when emptying your bowels (I can’t think of a better description)

Closing my eyes once again and seeing sewage running down a wall, bright beautiful gold soon turning the color of sewage running down the wall as I was feeling my self-sliding down in the elevator!

Wow, this is the first time ever that I have shared this with someone and it occurred to me that I am writing my testimony. Thank you for being a “sounding post” now back to laying in my bed.

My sister always said when you get to that spot hold your hand out and loudly proclaim “STOP IN THE NAME OF JESUS” but my spirit at that point couldn’t rebuke and I seemed like I wanted to stay in this level of hell.

I was I.V.’n using meth many times, when I could afford a super big shot of meth, I would always enjoy being by myself in a motel., Watching pornography was ALWAYS present…(I have struggled with pornography since my youth when I discovered porn from a neighbor’s  stash at a very early age and that addiction carried with me through my adult years, dad was also an alcoholic and like father like son most of my life, alcohol, and chemicals have been present!)

Oh, when I would be high all alone, how I preferred being alone when I shot up the meth, it, I would be watching porn at my computer desk I would feel those hands ever so slowly grip my ankles tightly and move up my legs heading to my groin. and I would welcome those advancing hands in a weird sexual way.

After those super high was experiencing what I call the full manifestation of the evil one the high would wear off, I would shut the porn down. lay down in my bed I would go deep into darkness and there exactly seven times in darkness I would experience great torment and torture, one night I was strapped to table, arms outstretched, legs spread and two hot sharp fiery swords and they would pierce my eyes.(I could never figure out why I just didn’t physically jump up and run. I guess for the same reason I couldn’t proclaim Jesus’s name as my master)

At the end of that cycle, being pinned down spread eagle these swords firmly planted in my eye would slowly retreat and slowly come back down piercing my eyes once again. This would all happen as if I was floating suspended in the air with my eyes pierced. I would hear a loud voice “THIS IS FOR ETERNITY” the swords would be removed and once again slowly piercing my eyes, this cycle would repeat itself over and over hearing “THIS IS FOR ETERNITY” over and over again….hearing that would make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.

It was always a guarantee when I had those super meth highs I would rush to the nearest hospital and I would be put in the psych ward, given a sandwich and fruit (As when people use meth. you just don’t eat or sleep for three to four days at a time) and they would give me a pill that finally wound me down and sleep soundly. I could never understand that I was only there overnight sleeping soundly and waking to breakfast and being checked out.

That was in Minneapolis where my drug dealer lived (I was living with my mom in Iowa and once a month I would go to Minneapolis and get high like I said the ideal high was having enough money for a large quantity shot in my arm and a cheap motel with my laptop to watch porn

The time I had the eye piercing, I was in a psych ward strapped down spread eagle in a padded cell this time I was given no food, fruit or the pill as I was at a different hospital. Rather than give me a pill while I was strapped down a nurse would come in and give me sedative I.V. shot I REALLY got scared that I was being injected with the drug that they use to execute people. She would give me the shot, turn off the lights and slam the door and there I was.

And once again in the psych ward yet another eye piercing cycle hearing “THIS IS FOR ETERNITY” and I couldn’t physically move and that hell was TERRIBLE!! These were very scary times…..But yet no matter how many 12 step meetings I would go to finding the resolve to quit was really hard all the while knowing I would eventually end up in hell.

I really think I have experienced the seven gates of hell, as each cycle would repeat its self over and over again and hearing the voice of eternity.

You may have experienced this in your journey and your spirit, heart, and soul what I call the “Human Trinity” bringing you through the fire with the image of God/Jesus planted firmly in your heart.

Have you heard of the refiner’s fire?

A silversmith holds his ladle of raw material and heats it to great temperature (what I call our “Furthering”) The silversmith (God) leans into the ladle sweet pouring down his face as he has to be close to the ladle and when the silver is ready. The silver smith sees his reflection. I believe God brings us through trials and tribulations for service to the Kingdom.

Just think… when we are going through those rough dark shadowing times God is bringing us along in His precious and precise fashion. The end result of our “Furthering” is He will see the reflection in us!

I have gone on and on. I must add that I am celebrating the greatest gift of my life and that I get to enjoy the great Blessing of sobriety…wonderful day to day sobriety. For which I honor and praise Him as I walk my walk awaiting the next season.

As I write this meth is not known to be hallucinogenic effects and I guess I will never know what was drug-related or my dancing with the devil…Until I join my family and the saints in Heaven

Thank you for letting me share this.

Blessings in Him


I pray that God can use my gift to Bless and celebrate His love and share a “Sweet Jesus” through song.


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