Praying Girl


This was a very cool dream. In this dream I was in a field. In the beginning my brother looked at me with a smile, but then it was time for the show. I think the reason I saw my brother at first was to feel comfortable. Where I was standing had a perfect view of the sky. The sky was huge and I did not miss a portion of it.

The sky was lit up in this very cool orange color, like when the sky is setting but way better. I remember calling the way the sky looked was like a campfire in the sky. The sky kept changing into different sunsets. I got the feeling like I could pick my favorite one. (They were all the coolest sunsets I have ever seen though) I picked the one I liked the most and said, “I like that one.” The sky then stayed that way. I somehow knew there was someone else there and they were changing the sky and I asked, “How do you do that?” I then saw a hand and it snapped its fingers (That is very cool to me).

After the hand snapped its fingers I was in front of my mom telling her that Jesus was showing me all the cool sunsets. She said,

“How can you be sure it was Jesus.”

She said other things and was in denial of the whole thing. That piece of trash Satan was trying to take away my faith and to take away the magic of the coolest thing I have seen. What a piece of trash!

Satan will disguise himself as other people to confuse you, but do not let it confuse you. I knew it was from Jesus immediately after it was over. I just knew. The sunset I picked was very cool and had two vehicles parked next to each other way out in the field. One was a white van and I do not remember the other one. It was very cool. Jesus can do anything with ease. Just a snap of his fingers and your wildest dreams will come true.

After the dream was over and I woke up I made a very good breakfast. It was eggs and turkey and for some reason something told me to put some honey on it. That was delicious! Then I went to make down payment on my EMT class. I took a CPR class and felt uncomfortable and questioned if I should be a EMT but I thought about it and decided to do it anyway.

When I went to the school to register I saw a white van parked away from all the other cars. It was just like the dream. I realized that all the different sunsets were choices not just to look at, but were experiences and choices I was choosing with my life before it happens. I still wander what were the other choices. The one I choose in the dream was the reality I am living right now, because I choose it.

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