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Suffering has a Reason – 15 Years of Depression

I have been suffering in a deep depression for fifteen years. The meds do not work for me. My doctor said that I am a worst-case scenario as my illness is a 10 out of 10 in severity. Every day is pain torment anguish and fear.

This suffering keeps me focused on Him. There will glory and honor for me if I react properly to this affliction. I have 100% faith that God can heal me, but I know his ways are not my ways and he has good reason to allow this in my life. My hope and faith in Him throughout the suffering is a good work in his eyes. My salvation might just be possible through this suffering. One last thought, the devil works against himself, thats how magnificent our God is.

Luckily, I know that the enemy is the cause. Everything is fearful and confusing for me until it comes to God. There is a clarity there that helps keep me grounded and secure. I read my bible daily and pray out loud all day long. I know that my ways are not his ways, and this suffering has purpose. God has helped me conquer the guilt as I no longer give it place in my life.

I also know that I am not worthless, and I don’t believe all the other lies fed to me by Satan. There are many days that I don’t want to live but, in my heart, I know every breath is a privilege. In a way affliction in our lives is an opportunity to draw closer to God. We will receive glory and honor for our afflictions if we respond to them properly.

I always ask the Father in the name of Jesus, if it be thy will, please heal me. I have 100% faith that he can. Longsuffering produces character and patience. I focus on the positives of my illness. I know that God will heal me in his due time.

One last thought, remember that in God’s wisdom, the devil works against himself, that’s how glorious our God is. God bless you all. Mike


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