Girl Student - Exam Success

All The Glory Belongs to God – Success in My Exams

The Lord did it! Only the Lord could have done it. He made something out of nothing. I put in so much effort preparing for my final exams. I just had a baby and also caring for a toddler. Most of my studies were ay night and I barely had to go rest. This also affected my prayers and bible study.

The exams came and all days of the exam didn’t go as I hoped. I either went blank, ran out of time or too tired to write further. After the exams I knew I needed God’s help. That was the only way. At the office I told them it went well. This issue drove me back to my place of prayer and seeking God’s face.

He is my ever-present help in time of need. I began to speak positively and kept imagining my candidate number on the list of successful candidates. The moment I took my eyes off Jesus and focused on what I wrote, I began to get afraid. I learnt to speak against that fear and confess positively.

God is awesome. The results are out, and I passed. Only God could have done this. Praise his name forever.

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