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I am Alert to the Subtleties of the Enemy

Hi! I just came out of a training in the School of the Holy Spirit. The reason I am writing this short testimony is because I want to give our Lord Jesus Christ praise for how He delivered me from sin. I write it also in the hope that you will not fall into similar tricks of the enemy.

I have been saved 15 years ago. I love the Lord tremendously for He saved me from great despair then. I read the Bible and I talk to Him, and I obey and trust in Him by the power of His Spirit living in me.

I love evangelism. I love to tell others about Jesus and about how He saved me and about how He worked in my life, you know, to give our Lord praise due to His Name.

In the course of my work, I meet lots of people. And because I am a people’s person, I love people and I love to tell them about Jesus so that they too can have salvation like me.

Sometimes my married life is not happy, for my husband is still growing in the area of kindness to me.

In the course of my work late last year, I came to know the husband of a lady friend.

What started as a harmless fellowship human hug from me to him, little did I know the ball started rolling.

Of course, I knew that my Lord is not happy with the day-by-day progress of things, but I couldn’t get out, for I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. I was miserable and happy at the same time for he gave me that kindness I desired.

To cut the story short, I wanted to be delivered from this sin.

And Halleluiah, the Lord is faithful, at our Church Camp, He came in His Mighty Power, seeing and hearing the cry of my heart. He cast out all the demons in me.

At first, I thought it will be difficult to not carry on the way it got to…but then God is faithful and gracious… He taught me to abide in Him, and now I don’t do sinful things with this man anymore.

I continue to abide in His Word daily that’s where my strength comes from.

Now I have learned a great lesson–no more friendliness with a person of another sex.

I don’t want to be ever tortured by the demons again. Believe me, it was very torturous to my soul throughout, especially when I was being delivered.

God be praised.

Also, it was difficult to tell anyone the problem.

I praise God for He sent a new Christian woman into my midst, and I felt I could tell her a little of my problem. We prayed together. I abided in the Lord in His presence and in His Word, asking for mercy and I repented of my sin, that’s when the start of the deliverance came.

So, I urge you never keep some sin covered, for then the demons have a great time of building their death nest in you more and more. Cry out to the Lord, and He will send someone to help you.

Thank You Lord for delivering me.

Lord You are my soul’s rest and fulfillment. Thank you for helping me.


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