People Sharing Christian Testimonies

Still Searching

I’m 13 and in 8th grade. I’m an seventh day adventist and was baptized into the church…so I call myself a christian; but i don’t feel like 1. I’ve been having problems lately…i’ve become very emotional. I began to cry for every little thing and wouldn’t know why…all I knew was that this type of behavior wasn’t healthy. I would call myself names such as: ugly, stupid, fat, untalented and worthless. I didn’t call myself these names because I was just upset…I actually feel like i’m those things. Ever since my grades dropped…including my music (which i’m supposed to be good at) I became very upset at myself. I once screamed at my reflection saying ” I hate you!” I’m really depressed these days…and I start to write poems that show my feelings. I don’t remember the last time I prayed…or the reason why I go to church. but i know that i feel like crap. I’m starting to be afraid…i didn’t quite know what my fears were…but i know know. I’m afraid of death…That I wont make it to the kingdom of God…that one day I might just die unsaved. i’m really sad…plz help me sum1