Praying Girl


i am a 19 year old female who has been in a great deal of pain.a couple of weeks ago i was treated for the stomach was so bad i had lost 7 pounds and im still recovering.after being complete with the anti biotics and starte having weird symptoms.i had sores in my genital area.i went for test and had a culture done and foun out that i had bv, chlamydia and herpes type 2. I was completely crushed.i cried my self to sleep every night and told my boyfriend was unaware that he had chlamydia but tested positive for it and we both were treated.although my condition,my boyfriend supports me and we have grown closer to the lord.i have read many helaing scriptures,prayed to God and asked others to pray for me.i ask for prayer so that God has mercy on us an heals us of all our diseases and infections.i know God is a merciful God and i pray that he heals us 100percent and brings us closer to him.please help me.


  1. David 1/29/2013
  2. Chris 1/30/2013
  3. Mrs. Reynolds 2/1/2013
  4. pietergabriel 2/6/2013
  5. Joy 2/7/2013
  6. d.odamah 12/12/2013

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