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What’s Wrong? Some Advice Please

I am going to make this a quick as possible, for various reasons. I read the story of the guy who was delivered from demonic possession. I have the same problem.

See, I was taken to a priest hear in Hattiesburg, MS for deliverance. Afterwards I have been able to pray and receive communion. Yet I do not seem to have the same freedom you guys have.

I won’t go into my beahavior before the deliverance, but I only feel halfway healed. I still feel the presence near me, I still have the horrible nightmares, depression, strange compulsions, and occasionally seen them, or it.

What’s wrong?

I am going for the last bit of medication that has not been tried on me yet, but after this it will be a failure by the medical community to do something, besides my family now sees the things. I can conduct a normal life yet every now and then I return to the state I was in before. Please help.


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