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Schizophenia – Prayer for my Brother


God has led me to this site at a time when I was about to give up praying for my brother who has been suffering from Schizophrenia for the last 5 years. He was born with a problem where he had a brain damage in birth due to lack of oxygen and has been retarded since birth and was not able to achieve what we would call a normal life.

But God touched his heart one day and he gave his life to Jesus in 2001 where he changed, and God’s hand was on his life till some years later in 2003 when he had gone for a Christian meeting like a crusade and came back sick. It’s another long story since its even a miracle that he came back home. He has never been the same and he tells us he had gone to another world. He always has conversations with unknown people and became withdrawn and lost interest in the things he used to like especially going to church.

My mum took him to hospital where he was diagnosed as being schizophrenic and has been on medication since then and seems not to improve at all. We have prayed with my mum a lot for him, and this year God gave me a word for him saying He will pay him back all the devil had stolen from him but he seems to get worse. And the imaginary conversations with unknown people have increased but I know God will keep His word and He will be delivered.

The problem is He doesn’t know how to read and so cannot read the Bible. My Mum tries a lot to read the word with him, but he is never interested and is always on the edge of the seat waiting for her to finish so that he goes to his bedroom and sleep.

My Dad’s family had a background of witchcraft and we prayed and broke these bondages trusting God for a miracle since this is a demonic attack. God has seen us through a lot as a family being a provider protector and all that we need, and I believe He will deliver our brother just need prayers for Him.


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