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I Saw Jesus

It’s wonderful to share what the Lord has done, as it brings glory to His Name alone. Well, I was born in a Christian home which went to church only at Christmas or Easter. I had been to Sunday school and VBS as a kid and enjoyed the fun. We were a very happy family of hardworking parents and 3 sisters. All healthy and strong. My dad is an atheist and my mom just a compromising Christian who thought the world of my dad.

When I was 19, I had a dream that my mother passed away. This happened 3 times and I was terrified. Within a month my mother had a rare virulent type of blood cancer and passed away in 21 days. Soon after that, (6 months later) my sister (just a yr older) and I got married in a difference of three days.

By the grace of God my husband was a believer in the Lord. So, when he read the Bible, I used to read with him. We used to pray every day together. The sad part was, I was not sure whether the Jesus mentioned in the Bible was the only way or were there other ways to be saved.

Whenever I came to the part where it says, “Jesus rose again”, I would be reminded of the story my dad told us that “His disciples stole the body and made up a story that He rose from the dead”. So, this was in the back of my head, adding to various other doubts I had about Jesus.

In the year 1995 Sept, when our daughter Anita was 8 years old, I had a similar dream that she passed away. The dream went like this, ” The body is laid in a coffin and people are going around it and kissing it. I too kissed her and her skin felt like leather” then I woke up terrified once again. I went to her bedside to pray. I felt her and she was burning with fever.

The next morning, she vomited blood. So, we rushed her to hospital. She was there for 21 days. The temperature was 105 deg F. With all the medication and ice pack it would just lower to 104. She started hemorrhaging all over the body, internally. On the 20th day, the doctors gave up hope.

They did all that they possibly could but failed. The doctor tapped my shoulder and said I had to be ready for the worst. She was in and out of consciousness and was seeing demons and even Satan once. She would tell us they were in the room, but we thought she was delirious and talking nonsense.

That night my husband and I decided to fast and pray all night.

First, we put the IV tube through the Bible on the verse which says “We are healed by His wounds”. Then both of us knelt on either side of the bed and started to pray. I just told Jesus, If what is written in the Bible is true, that You are alive and You do miracles, then why don’t You come and heal my daughter. That’s all.

At about 2am my daughter began stirring and started talking something. So we both moved closer to her and tried to hear what she was saying but couldn’t quite figure out because she was speaking in another language. The only word we could understand was Jesus. After a few minutes she abruptly got up crossed her legs and said, ” Mummy I am healed”. That was rather unusual for an eight-year-old to say. Then she said, “I saw Jesus”.

She continued to explain everything. ” I was taken up through a dark tunnel higher and higher, which opened into a bright hole that led to a golden gate of pearls. The gate was open, and I ran into it, I walked through the streets of gold which were so beautiful and reached the shores of a sea.

I was wondering how I would cross this sea and when I put my foot it was only glass like crystal. I crossed over to find a huge throne made of gold and Jesus was standing near it. I ran to Him, He carried me and I felt so happy there I did not want to come home. So. I hugged Jesus really tight, but He kissed me and put me down and told me to go.”

That’s when she woke up. All this would have taken about 10 minutes. She explained how Jesus was the most beautiful person she had ever seen; His robe was bright light, and His hair and eyes were just so brilliant. She kept repeating this that Jesus was so beautiful.

When the docs came the next morning, they were surprised to see the same sick child skipping and playing about in the room joyfully. They would not believe what I told them and insisted on a blood test. We agreed and did it, everything was normal. Hallelujah! Glory to God.

We were discharged and we came home. At the entrance, there was a pic of Christ, the moment she saw it she said “What a terrible painting that is, Jesus is so beautiful”. From the day she came back she would read the Bible voraciously for hours together and memorize portions of scripture. She would sometimes explain such deep truths simply and I knew it was from God. She displayed such love that we knew it was only from the Lord.

I too started reading the scriptures for the first time believing fully that Jesus was indeed alive and that everything about Him was true. It took me 4 months to come to Revelations, which I had never read earlier. To my amazement I found the same place in the same order, how my daughter had described heaven. A double confirmation that heaven and hell do exist and that everything the Lord said was absolutely true.

With this experience, I am constrained to share His love to everyone I come across. My students, colleagues and neighbours. All glory and honour to our only true God and His Son Jesus Christ, through His Holy Spirit. Amen.


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