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Saviour Of Everything

I only believed that God existed but I never had a relationship with God. It all changed when I fell in love with Jesus. I’m now a qualified registered nurse (unbelievable).

I’m Born in a family of six and raised by a single mother. I was at apex university in Zambia studying for my nursing diploma. I started on a high note with good passing marks but things became difficult for me when made wrong kind of friends who introduced me to alcohol and weed.

You know I always thought things can be alright as long as believed there is God hence when I failed my exams I began to blame God for everything. It wasn’t my first time failing, my first time came as I was about to enter my last year and I was deferred for 6 months from that point I lost all my faith in God and I became to drink more excessively and smoking things I never thought I would.

As time went on I managed to pass other exams by grace of God and time for my final exams approached, I began to seek for God because of my girlfriend. I reduced drinking but I wouldn’t let go of weed. I started to pray a little but only because I wanted to pass exams and not because I repented. I’m sure id fall back to sin if I passed my final exams because there was no relationship with God so easily fell back to sin. We cant hide things from the one who created us. He examines and shows us our impurities.

Results were released and I failed in 3 modules out of 6 modules. I couldn’t believe it I didn’t know what to do I had a lot of thoughts running through my mind. I was thinking of suicide, quitting school or just becoming a drunkard. I remember that time I said to myself that there was no God . I was really depressed and on top my girlfriend was adding more stress by her demands of material things even when I had no money to give her. So she called me things like “I will be broke forever”.

We are only given two chances to sit for the final exams so I was left with one chance to resit for the 3 modules I failed in. I went to drink as usual and when I sat down I began to question my life like is this what I was created for ? Am I going to drink through out my life ? I wasn’t pleased with my current self at that time and what I was doing.

The next day I concluded that alcohol wouldn’t help or smoking and I said to myself that I should give my life to God maybe he will help me if I truly know him, the moment I was praying and asking God to forgive me and asking to be filled with the Holy spirit, I felt a strong presence in the room and I remember I felt like crying at the same time I felt like someone just took the weight off my shoulders. I was no longer depressed. It felt really good.

Just because I gave my life to Christ things didn’t become better for me and I used to tell myself that its only “God testing me I wont give up on you Lord”. I struggled with finances to resit for the modules. Our school has a policy of clearing balances to be allowed to sit for exams. My mum tried loans which were rejected by the bank and no relative would help. Jeremiah 29:11 I knew God was still with me despite my struggle and I thought maybe it was his way of telling me nursing wasn’t for me. I studied that time a lot and I had sleepless nights studying and during the day I was studying. I even broke up with my girlfriend who was stressing me because I wanted full concentration on books.

This website has helped me a lot. I spent my time reading testimonies and I would say if God can do it for someone and why not me ? Exam time approached I still had my balance and I thought I wasn’t going to write. I read the bible everyday too and prayed every time I had the chance. God began to speak to me through dreams, I had dreams of seeing myself graduate with my friends but I really didn’t pay attention because I thought I wasn’t going to write with my friends. I had similar dreams for conservative days that’s when I knew that it was a supernatural dream from God. I prayed to God thanking him for everything despite me not writing and I asked him not to take away the Holy spirit because his the one who will comfort me again.

It’s not easy seeing your friends graduate while you are still stuck at the same position. I prayed for God’s will to be done because His plans are for good. Exam day came and I was in bed thinking I wasn’t going to write but the exams where delayed for a few hours because not the school but the administration from the council of nursing wanted everyone to come and write even those with balances. I couldn’t believe it when I received that call and I knew it was all God making a way for me. From that moment I knew I was going to pass. I knew that being a nurse was his plan for me. I immediately got up and went without even bathing or washing my face. I got to the exam room with tears rolling from my eyes, tears of joy and I thanked God for everything.

I was done with exams and a couple of months passed. I received my results I was super excited because I passed all the modules. I’m now a qualified nurse. It’s all thanks to God. Don’t give up on him. Sometimes storms are meant to test us; we should always learnt from our failures. I’m very happy. Never a day passes without me thanking God.


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