Homeless man praying

Saving Someone’s Life. “God Is Good”

Last night,

I went to a gym I wouldn’t normally go to. Now, let me preface this whole story by saying that I am a young Christian (21 years old) and have faced a lot of adversity in the last 21 years from my father dying, to me almost taking my own life.

I’m in the locker room, and I hear someone saying,

“God is good, God is good.”

I’ve obviously never met this man before, but I start talking to him about God and he ended up opening up to me and telling me his story.

He told of how he struggled with heroin addiction for 20 years and showed me the scar on his chest from where he had a valve replaced in his heart (this the first time I’ve ever met this man).

He told me how he had his limbs duct taped together and he was put in the trunk of a car and sent down a hill on the path to a lake where he was sent to die. On his way down in the trunk of the car, he prayed to the Lord and told him that he would never do drugs again if he would spare his life. Needless to say the Lord answered his prayer.

He told me of how his family left him and he is homeless. He told me how he had food, clothes and money, all ready for a new apartment, and then he was robbed.

Long story short, I ended up buying him groceries and gave him all of the clothes I had. This man broke down to tears because he told me he wanted to kill himself, and now after seeing God use his love through me, he wants to live. I will be bringing this man to church on Sunday.

I made a video of all of this, and you can meet my friend Miguel by watching this and getting the full story on YouTube.

God Bless.

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