Saved from Shootout

Saved from Shooting

We know this verse in the bible that all things work for good to those who love GOD.This is exactly what happened to me years ago.

I wasn’t able to go to work as I suddenly had a fever.

The next day, I was fully recovered, and I was really shocked when I heard the news. Yesterday, at the same place where I usually waited for public vehicle for work, some men were shooting at each other and other people got injured.

Had GOD not allowed me to get sick that day, who knows what could have happened.

I am very thankful for GOD for saving me. HE really knows what is best for us, and HIS thoughts towards us are thoughts of peace and love. GOD BLESS you all.


  1. Sunday Akodu 11/9/2021
  2. DENIS NYAMWEYA 11/10/2021

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