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Saved from a Car Accident

I would like to share my testimony. God is good, and I cannot thank him enough for his love and mercy over me and my family, in spite of all my imperfections.

I stay in Luwero District and i intended to travel to Kampala. On the afternoon of October 29th, 2019, I boarded a taxi from Wobulenzi to kampala.

I left Wobulenzi at around 1.00 pm taking the usual route I take to Kampala . Everything was calm, and the driver was speeding at about 100 kph. I was seated next to the conductor who had overloaded the passengers in the taxi. I then decided to transfer my seating position to the front window seat. when we reached Bombo the middle passenger exited the taxi and as you know me.

I did not want to seat near the driver in a cramped small space, so I offered the next passenger the chance to seat there which he refused and claimed he was exiting the taxi in matugga so I yielded the window seat and extended to the middle front seat. During the whole journey I kept on thinking about several things including the fact that the Muslim driver kept on playing Muslim prayers on his phone and I was uncomfortable (no offense to my Muslim friends).

However, about quarter of a 30 kilometers into the journey as we were approaching Matugga, I heard a loud noise like a bomb, and it was the front tire of the passenger side that burst at a speed of 100kph. I immediately knew we were going to have an accident. People began to scream, and the driver tried to control the taxi but in vain he then hit the brakes.

I said JESUS CHRIST then the taxi begun to overturn about three times and hit a tree (it felt like I was falling down a mountain). I checked my self for any injuries and found non as I looked for the driver and the other passenger they were not in the taxi, the wind screen was not there and the tree had hit where I was seated. As I moved out I saw several people lying in conscious and also saw the driver who was asking for help.

The accident was terrible and about three people died on spot, several people had broken legs and Hands and several people had fallen into a ditch of water beside the road and people were running towards the scene of the accident. I do not know how I survived the accident. An army car arrived at the accident scene later and begun loading the injured onto their truck and took them to hospital.

I want to thank God for sparing my life. I also want to pray for the people that were involved in the accident, and I pray that God will preserve their lives. Thank you for reading my testimony, and I pray that God’s protection will always be upon us in Jesus’ name.

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