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How God Used Me for the Salvation of Griz

The event begins with me being spoken to by a being not seen and not heard. I answered what do you want me to do, and I understood this “Go to this bar and tell this man that greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.”

I said, “What will he do?”

The Almighty replied, “He will hit you.”

I said, “And you want me to go?”

The Almighty said, “Yes I will heal you.”

Believing and sensibly fearing not going I said, “I will go” and started walking.

Now to tell you who Griz was. He was the top dog in a bike gang that having been rousted from Magoo’s bar when the city of Baton Rouge shut it down moved down the street to the Bayou bar on Chimes Street. Griz was six foot five and powerfully large.  When I got there and opened the door there a few of his brethren laid hands on me to stop me and I surprised them by stiff arming them several times rapidly and after they got me by the arms, I heard Griz tell them, “Wait bring him to me.”

Then Griz said “Do you want to join my club?”

And I said, “I don’t have a bike.”

He said, “We’ll get you one.”

I then asked, “What if I say no?”

Griz said, “I will hit you” at which time I tested the hold of the guys and my arms remained firmly pinned.

I said something I barely recall as this was late in the year 1977 and Griz pressed the issue at hand. So, I said, “Greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.”

Griz said Do you want to join?

And I said “I’m gonna have to say no.”

With the word “no” still on my lips Griz smashed my face to a bloody mess.

The guys holding my arms must have figured I was done because I had the use of my arms again. Probably surprising Griz and his fellow bikers I remained standing and tried to speak. In the very act of trying to speak I became aware of exactly how forcefully smashed my face was and thought to the Lord Almighty you said you would heal me. Then my right hand came up to my face and moved around it and everywhere I touched God healed me resulting in me standing there healed in a bloody shirt but not bloody where God had healed!

Griz then asked me how I did that.

I told him I didn’t do it; God had healed me. I told him I was leaving now and if he hit me again God would strike him down. Griz followed me outside and in the daylight, I could see he was earnestly and urgently shaken. He asked me about his salvation. And the Lord moved me to tell Griz to seek out Gerry Hays (this was someone that Griz already knew but I had never met or heard of) and if he still wanted to know the Lord Gerry would guide him. When I got home my mother freaked out thinking I was hurt because of all the blood on my shirt but I was quite fine as the healing was God given.


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