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Salvation. I Wonder Why

God has been working in my life for a long time taking me through so many switches and turns. Sometimes I do not understand why but I do now I know He has chosen me to be saved and among his elect. I know he has in reality brought me through so much because of Yeshua/Jesus I feel no resentment towards life.

Yes I wonder why me or what if things could have been different or only if I really new better and went for the right thing. It is not all about that and the past wrongs it is making right what we can now that I am born again of water and spirit (fire). More than once have I gone off to the deepest end of hell and sat in my sin till he dealt with me through acceptance and grace. We Yeshua/Jesus are always on a journey to better the things of life through Faith and Grace.

He is my joy and salvation.

The Father has been my Shepherd for life. Since I was a little boy I was attracted to Jesus and new there was something special about the cross and wanted the Spirit of Yeshua/Jesus in my life. Some people could say my life and the emotional parts of my life have been hard but I have made this far. The good in my life and it’s meaning is owed to God. It all became real when the comforter became real to me and to others special and dear to me and life. God sure does work in faithful but mysterious ways, sometimes I wonder why? But he proves my faith and brings things into the light. It is possible to be in love with God and obsessed by it in a good way great way.

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