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God Healed Me of Saliva Stones

So I begin to tell you the story of  about 2 months ago I developed a hsv 1  as a result of sexual assault .

I knew I should have listened to God about not going there but I did it anyway – those friends I thought were friends shouldn’t have been trusted.

My faith at the time wasn’t the best where I didn’t trust God the way I should have or given him enough time like I was running away at this point in my life .

While I was experiencing the outbreak, the medication I was taking Valtrex caused me to have a reaction after a week of taking it and then this dry mouth happened .
When I found out about having the herpes outbreak all I could think was my life is over and that I should die. I was experiencing panic attacks  and constantly blaming myself for what happened  until God showed me this book to read Called “Find Hope in the Storm.” It changed my life to focus more on God and to spend time in prayer and it has drawn me closer to Him and I’ve prayed for greater faith which is stronger everyday I trust in Him .
I keep the faith of healing of herpes and the dry mouth and that I’m getting better everyday.
There is one verse I keep to help with the  healing process .

But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed. Isaiah 53:5

I kept praying day in and night crying to God to heal me. I would watch videos on YouTube about being healed and felt like nothing happened. Then one night I felt the Lord tell me to go have some yogurt so I did and within minutes I felt Gods power take saliva stones come up out of my throat that was blocking my saliva glands from working. I was putting up with it for 2 months of not being able to sleep, constantly feeling thirsty, finding it hard to breathe sometimes, it was affecting me even to exercise. I kept thanking the Lord even before he healed me keeping that faith that I was healed in Jesus’ name and He healed me restoring me back to health. I’m still patiently waiting for the herpes outbreak to leave my body but I know God is healing me and that I’m getting better everyday thanks to Him.

Whatever problems you may be experiencing never give up in prayer and taking it to God.

Have faith and believe you are healed and you will be healed. Call upon in Jesus’ name He wants to heal you. He loves you and wants you to come to know Him as your personal Saviour.

May God bless you



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