Bike on Bridge

Delivered From Road Accident

I’m sharing this testimony in appreciation for what God did for me when I was 9.

On a beautiful sunny morning, I went to the river with my dad’s new wife on a bicycle. I got on the carriage holding two 25 litres gallon.

She rode as we departed. Soon we got to the valley that slopes down towards the main bridge. It’s a motor expressway, cars and trucks where all travelling to and fro.

Off we went sloping down at a high speed, a woman was in front sloping down slowly on her bicycle. We tried to overtake her coz our bicycle had no brakes, suddenly my dad’s wife fell off the bicycle and I was left alone on the carriage sloping down with the 2 gallons on my right and left.

People screamed. Cars were moving to and fro. I just couldn’t remember how the bicycle stopped at the middle of the bridge. I found myself on the ground with cars coming from both sides of the valley. I wasn’t hit by a car or truck. We just had bruises on our body.

I really want to thank God for this great miracle. Indeed, I’m inscribed on the palm of his hands.


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