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Right when I needed it

I have been struggling with a relationship for a long time. A person who was very close to my husband and I. When my husband passed 9 years ago, this friend was there constantly and after a couple of years he professed his love for me which had been with him for 35 years. He is married but in name only. He still lives in the same house with her. She sometimes goes away with him but encourages him to take me when she is working.

We have been intimate, and I have tried to stop this part of the relationship many times. This last time has been for 7 months. He still visits me and wants to go on trips with me, but I know the intimacy would begin again.As it is it is very hard to not do anything when he visits.

He is very much a part of my kids and grandkids lives. We all love him very much. He won’t leave his wife as he would lose half of everything, he owns including his pension. I have tried dating others, but he keeps getting in the way. And so, I struggle with doing the right thing.

I am a Christian in every sense relying on God’s word and will to keep strong, but as I grow older, I want companionship in my life. I am 69 (life and love does not stop as we age) and it has been 9 1/2 yrs since my husband died. I should be content as my kids are close and my grandkids are close, and I do keep busy, yet something is missing. Any words from someone who has been there.

Thanks for this website (I just found it). It’s wonderful.


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