Praying Girl

Resit Exam in 6 Days – Requests for Prayers

Hey Guys,

I live in London U.K, I am currently in my second year of my Bsc Economics Undergraduate Degree, I failed my second year, and this academic year was a retake. However I lost motivation throughout this year and didn’t bother to take my exams seriously and I was struggling with depression also. and often thought I was bipolar because I had severe mood swings. However earlier this year about march, God restored me (I started believing and having convictions again, and He also healed my depression and mood swings, and took away my fear (I was very fearful). I still didn’t bother trying with my studies, I actually pushed the thought to the back of my head as I hated thinking about it.

However I checked my emails and my lecturers said I have the opportunity to retake my exam, in 6 days, then another one in two weeks. I am really believing God for a miracle. I have never experienced God working a miracle like this in my life, I have heard him doing it for others. So I know he will do it for me.

I would like to request some prayers from you guys. I contacted a very promising tutor online and she just replied to me saying she’s not available. I am still trusting in God for this miracle. Please pray for me, I would really appreciate it. God bless you all.