Praying Girl



I would like to thank the Lord. I just finished a fast last nyt. I had my prayer points, one of them was getting a job, I was really expectant and was hoping I’d get a call for an interview while I was busy with the fast. Well I havnt yet started seeing results for my prayer points. But God gave me something better. He gave me a reconnection with him and he renewed the spirit of praise in me. I new I was a bit distant from God these past months or even the past year, but I really didn’t realise the extent untill God touched me again, He has filled me again and I believe my prayers will be answered. I am thankfull and gratefull to God for his grace and mercy.

I also thank the Lord for making this website possible and for leading me to it. Thanks to the person or people that are in charge of this website. Its a delight to know that I can give my testimony anytime.