Woman looking across horizon.

Ready To Leave This Earth (NDE)

Man, so many times I thought to myself I’m ready to leave this earth and even told God I was ready. He heard me but did things his way. That day I laid down and went to sleep hoping I’d get what I wanted.

I drifted off, I ended up in this place where there was worship and I heard them saying,

“We love Jesus.”

And I shouted and said,

“I love Jesus too.”

This place was over filled with love and peace and before I could really enjoy it, I was being brought back. As I was leaving it seemed like I was going through a dark tunnel or looking from a telescope. I woke up soon after that still feeling the love and overflow of peace that’s out of this world.

I’ve had out of body experiences before but not like this. I wanted a place of escape from my problems, stress and worries plus the feeling of being overwhelmed, and depression that comes with life and being in this world. God gave me just that, an escape plus more. To God be the Glory forever and ever!

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