Praying Girl

Putting My Faith in God

Hi all. I have just finished my last semester of undergraduate programme and I have just gotten my results. I am now short of 3 marks to passing my overall module and I am supposed to be graduating in July.

However I will be seeing my lecturer in order to appeal my results so that I would not have to resit the paper. My parents have already booked their flights to the UK and have already planned out their holiday trip. If I were to resit, all the plans and money used would be gone to waste and I am putting my hope in GOD for the lecturer to consider my results and allow me to pass.

The marks are unconfirmed and there are cases where marks will be increased when confirmed in order to pass if it is by a small margin. I hope there will be prayers for GOD to see me through and cast away my anxieties in order to pass my exam for all the plans planned out by my parents to go smoothly. Will post up an update of my results as soon it is confirmed and for now putting my faith in GOD.

Thank you


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