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Pursuing my Purpose That God Has Called Me To Do

It all began back in the summer of June 2009. I had just turned 25 and was preparing to graduate from UTA with a degree in Business Management in the fall. At the time I was working for Lowes and had worked there for 3 yrs, as a Delivery Driver. I really liked working for Lowes and I had become so comfortable that I was almost scared to leave. Well I knew I was about to graduate and wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do and really had no direction. I had gone to the job fair that fall and really didn’t see a job that I was interested in besides an entry-level management position for a railroad company. But my world took a turn for the worse when I had to take a physical for my job to renew my license to continue to drive for Lowes.

They found a hernia that I had for two years and told me that in order for me to drive for Lowes that I would need to have surgery to return back to my job. So I was put on short-term disability. That’s when I started to attend Friday night service at the Potters House called, Brickhouse. The Pastor of Brick house, Pastor Ross was truly amazing and I loved his style of preaching. He was so real and authentic and I could really relate to him in so many ways. He is truly an anointed man of God. Well at the time I and a close friend were both attending the church service together. So I began to pray and ask God diligently what my “purpose” in life was and let his will be done in my life. I didn’t have a relationship with God and really didn’t even know if he existed. I was raised up in the church and it had almost become just like a habitual routine. So even though I was in church Friday night praise and worshiping God later that night I would be in the club praise and worshiping all the ladies. I was a ladies’ man and used to love the attention I would get from woman in the clubs. Than I would end up having sex with some of these girls knowing that I didn’t want to pursue a relationship with them. I even started having sex with Married woman and had no Fear of God, and was headed down a path of destruction. So I started to realize that I was going to get fired at Lowes and I became depressed. One day I was lying on my bed depressed and thinking that I would become a loser.

So I picked up a Jet Magazine and started to read an article that my cousin Taj Stansberry (Photographer/Music video director) had did a photo shoot for Steve Harvey and Steve told my cousin, “Find something you love to do, And make money with it”. At that moment a light-bulb went off in my head and I knew exactly what I loved to do and would do for free. Fitness has been my passion and I just fell in love with it over these last 4 years. I had worked for 24hr fitness as a personal trainer back in August 2008. At the time the economy was taking a turn for the worst and all the 24hr gyms in the metroplex numbers were way down except for one gym, Southlake. I inquired about that and a friend told me that Southlake just had a bunch of wealthy women with nothing better to do but purchase a bunch of training. At the time I wore braces and my orthodontist wanted to start training with me and presented me with the idea of starting my own boot camp. He stated that I could become the next, Billy Blanks.

And that he would fund all the money for the gym, equipment, and basically everything to start it and I would just run it. At the time I didn’t even see what he saw in me and kind of blew him off. Basically I wasn’t ready to start a business and was just focusing on finishing school. So I prayed and asked God if this was what he wanted me to do, start my own boot camp. And I knew without a doubt in my heart this is what he wanted me to do. So I approached my close friend and had told him that I wanted to start this boot camp and if he would be interested in helping me get it going. I told him that I had been approached a year prior about starting a camp but at the time I wasn’t ready. I told him that my orthodontist may be interested in still investing but I was scared to approach him because it was a year ago and wasn’t sure if he would still be interested in investing. So I told my friend that if I find a location, build a website, and have business cards, with shirts then he would know I was really serious and he would still be interested in investing. I believed in my heart without a doubt that he would still be interested in investing. So I and my friend began to work on my business plan diligently and even though the first copy we had was horrible we kept revising it over and over again. So we then had to decide on a location to start the camp and were debating on whether to start in Mansfield, Arlington, or Dallas. It was hard to decide because the economy is in a recession and people aren’t spending money like they used to .Well I personally really liked Mansfield, but Mansfield is a middle-income area and fitness is really not a need so I wanted to start in a location and give my business the best chance to prosper considering the economic situation .So I wanted to start in an area that had “disposable income”. So I kept in mind the info I had learned when I worked for 24hr fitness about Southlake. But I was intimidated to start in Southlake because it was high-dollar and even though fitness is my passion and desire I had never ran a boot camp.

So I at least wanted to be seasoned before I went to Southlake. But I continued to pray and we met with an owner of a Gymnastics facility in Southlake,TX (spirit xtreme gymnastics) Walter Maeweather. Walter said he would be interested in renting out the facility to us and we told him we were interested but would contact him after we finished shopping gyms. In the meantime my close friend and I continued to work on the business plan but as time went on I started noticing that my friend didn’t quite have the same passion and vision I had for the camps. We started disagreeing on a lot of things and I started to see it would become a problem later down the road so I prayed about it for 4 days and I knew what I had to do. I had never been so nervous in my life, but I had to tell a close friend who had become like a little brother to me that we should no longer continue our business relationship. And it’s ironic because the very reason I ended our business relationship in hopes of saving our friendship is what ultimately ended it, we no longer talk. But I kept on working on my business plan diligently by myself and realized that it was nowhere near complete. So while I had been on short-term disability this entire time I had purchased some Health-insurance (to have my surgery) which my HR manager at Lowes referred to me. So finally I went to my Pre-opt appt for surgery and they told me all the procedures that were going to take place the day of surgery. Well when I left the receptionist notified me that she would call me and let me know what my benefits were. So when she called she simply said, “Mr. Haynes on the day of surgery were going to need to collect $11,000 up front from you”. I almost thought she was playing and I was like, “Well can you just bill my insurance??” And so they gave me the run-around and I ended up calling the receptionist back and she came out and told me that I didn’t have “Health-insurance” instead I had a “Discount-plan”. And that my discount plan only covered up to 20% of the surgery. So to make a long story short I didn’t end up having the surgery which was why I was on short-term disability and I couldn’t return back to work because I still had the injury and therefore I was fired. Well I panicked because I was still trying to get this business going but I didn’t even have gas money to get around. So I applied for a valet job and worked there for three days and my unemployment came thru. I was so excited because I knew it would allow me to focus all my attention on getting my business up and running. So I kept diligently working on my business plan until the vision was very clear to me. Well In December my cousin Taj who I hadn’t seen in 4 yrs sent for me to spend the Holidays with him. I was extremely excited because Taj has always been a role-model and someone I’ve always looked up too; a big brother. The last time I had seen him he wasn’t doing that good, he was living in a living room that he turned into a room with no car or job. But when he sent for me this time things had really changed, his career as a music video director/photographer had really taken off and he was really successful. I knew things had changed when I got there and he told me his assistant would pick me up, I couldn’t believe it.

Remember the last time I had seen him he didn’t own a car or have a job and now his assistant was coming to pick me up. So I was so glad to see him doing well and it was the most “inspiring ” moment of my life to actually see him go from nothing to something. It gave me hope that hard work and persistence pays off. So even though I was on unemployment I was thinking to myself well I can’t complain I had more than he did when he started. So we talked and we both agreed that L.A would be an ideal place to start my business but since I already had a commitment in Tx I wanted to get things started out there and then eventually come back to L.A to get one started out there. So I went back to Tx extremely inspired and worked harder than ever. By this time I had one page up for my website which was all I could afford at the time, but I knew it was a start. So I began to make business cards, flyers, and T-shirts and really started marketing my business. Now keep in mind I stepped out on Faith and put a start date on my camp Feb 15th but I never had a for sure commitment from my orthodontist who I believed would be interested in investing and really didn’t have a clue on where I would get the money from for my rental fees or money for my equipment. Well I started to get nervous because I didn’t have everything ready to present it to my orthodontist just yet and I always wanted to approach him when everything was complete. He is a successful business man and owns two dental offices so I wanted to have my website complete, t-shirts made, business cards, and business plan ready to go. So I got desperate and asked my Dad for the money, my great ““Grandma, My broker, and even asked my mother to refinance her home to give me the money to start. All these options failed so I started to lose Faith and didn’t think God would pull through for me. I started questioning if I heard correctly and if this was what God really wanted me to do, was this my “purpose “in life. So I’ve always struggled with a porn addiction and sex and I had been trying to give it up and walk right with God. But I was depressed so I started to watch porn daily. So as my start date came nearer I noticed that I was staying up all night and losing sleep in hopes of adding 100’s of friends on Face book and MySpace in hopes that enough people would sign up and maybe I could get the money to start my camps that way. I was losing weight and was going to bed at night scared not sure if God would keep his promise. So I finally had everything put together and felt it was finally time to present it to Dr.Lee (orthodontist) who I felt would always invest from the beginning. So I called him on Wednesday (Feb 3rd) and remember my camp started Feb 22nd because I had pushed it back from the original Feb15th because I wasn’t sure if I would get the money. Well I tried calling him 5 times that day with no success, he was busy. So I was about to give up and had started to think about erasing my Face book, MySpace, and twitter. I had a lot of pride and had been marketing and telling everyone about it, so for it not to go through would have been very embarrassing and tough to swallow. So that Thursday I was depressed and had lost hope and basically watched porn all day. So that Friday came around and I was about to hold off on calling Dr.Lee again because I was tired of calling him and was just going to watch porn all day, but something told me to call him one more time. Well when I did his receptionist picked up and notified me that he had a cancellation for the following morning and asked if I wanted to meet him then. I said yes, and when I hung up I started crying because God still blessed me in the middle of my sin. He knew what I was about to do and allowed me to get through and setup a meeting the 1st time I called compared to that Wednesday when I had tried to call him 5 times and couldn’t get through. So at that very moment I told God I that I wouldn’t have sex again until I was married and I would no longer watch porn. I just knew Dr.Lee would still be interested in investing and I began to Thank God in advance for allowing him to invest. Well when I met up with him in the morning it went exactly as I had envisioned from the beginning. I had my “Rip It Up World Fitness” Shirt on with a business card and my website was up and it looked Awesome. He looked at my business plan and all he could say was “Nice” . He was presented with 8 months of work all at once and I think he was a little overwhelmed. Well we met again on Wednesday and he said he would be interested in investing and would just lend the money to me. He told me he would have his lawyer Amortize a contract with an interest rate of 12% over three years and give me the money up front. I drove off in my car crying because I was so grateful that God had kept his promise to me and was on fire for the Lord and began to share my testimony with everyone I knew. I started to realize that God is Amazing and he really does exist. So my start date for my camp was getting nearer and I started getting nervous because it was taking awhile for Dr.Lee to get back with me to sign the contract. Well I contacted him the Saturday and Sunday before my camp and didn’t get a response.

So I started to think negative and that maybe he had a change of heart. But I just kept praying and believed that God would still come thru. So my camp started on Monday and I decided that since I hadn’t talked to the Dr. yet that I would just have an introductory meeting and just take my clients body-fat measurements. I notified Walter the Gymnastics owner of the situation and he said he was fine with it and to just pay him within the 1 week or 2. So I met with the Dr. on Tuesday and I wasn’t quite ready for what he was about to tell me. He stated that he had been fighting with his lawyer and his lawyer didn’t feel that this was a smart investment for him and that he should invest the money back into his business due to his major tax obligations. I was in shock and was lost for words and was really speechless. It was like this whole time I had been fighting a 12 rd match to start this business and I was in the 12th round and I was winning until the Dr came and just dropped a haymaker on me and knocked me out. I almost was on the verge of giving up because I couldn’t understand why the Dr. had backed out of the deal, it was devastating. So my mom told me that it was best for me to go in seclusion and pray and ask God what he wants me to do. I told God that I was tired and that I had exhausted all my options to get the money and I was tired. I had almost been at this for a year and I just was tired. There were plenty of times when I would sell video games to get gas money to get out to Southlake to market a business that I didn’t even have the first dime to start. I was pretty much looking like a fool and started to have a lot of doubt. So since I was a very prideful person I had been lying to all my friends and associates about how my camp was doing. I didn’t want to tell anyone that I had lost my deal with my investor so I lied and told everyone my camp was going great and that I even had 40 people sign up. Well God put it on my heart to tell everyone that I had been fronting with the Truth. So I began to send out mass text messages telling People that God had blocked it and had something 100x greater for me and that he would still come thru and keep his promise. So that Friday I went to church and the first thing Pastor Ross said is what do you do when God blocks your promise? I couldn’t believe it; I was thinking is he in my house or listening to my phone conversation. I really needed to hear that because at the time I was at my end and was ready to throw in the towel. But once I realized that God had blocked it and why I began to ready the story of Abram myself. And this was another turning point in my life because never before have I read my bible. As I started to read I started to notice that I and Abram had too many similarities in the way we were waking in Faith. When Abram first met God and God gave him a promise to have many descendants , Abram didn’t even know who God was, all he knew was God had given him a promise. Well when I prayed and asked God what my purpose was , I really didn’t even know if God existed, I just asked God what my purpose was and all I could focus on was how he would bless my business. Then Abram went to Egypt because there was a “famine” in the land and Egypt was the only place that had “food”. Well I went to Southlake because our economy is in a “recession” and Southlake is the only place that had “disposable income” for my camps. It turns out that “Southlake had been ranked by Forbes magazine in 2008 as the #1 richest community in the nation. I didn’t even know that at the time. Next Abram told a little white lie that put his promise in jeopardy and Pharaoh was about to sleep with Sarah which would have went against the Promise that God had told Abram. He said through you, you will conceive a child through Sarah. He didn’t say Pharaoh would conceive a child through Sarah. So Abrams Promise which lied in Pharaohs bedroom was in Jeopardy. So since Abram used his lack of judgment God blocked it and sent a plague of locust to come eat Pharaohs crops. And Pharaoh sent Sarah and Abram on their way. Well my promise was my business and it was in a Pharaohs bedroom (Southlake Gym) and it was in Jeopardy. It went against what God had promised me and wasn’t what God had told me. But because I used my lack of judgment he blocked it by not allowing the Dr. to invest.

Also Abram started of on his journey with his close friend Lot ,who he started to have conflict with and they had to part ways. Well I had a best friend Randal that I had to part ways with. Abram also was walking around looking like the man of faith and telling everyone God is going to come thru, but he was going to bed scared at night not sure if God would come thru. Well I was doing the same exact thing and was losing weight and going to bed scared and worried. I had two instructors with me at the time, Chris and Dessa and I had approached them very highly motivated and inspired to start this business. But as time passed and I didn’t know where I was going to get the money to start my camp I began to get discouraged. It was extremely hard on me because I had to keep them motivated but I had no one in return to motivate me, but God who I didn’t even know. Also Abram lost Faith and went with his good idea(Plan B) which was suggested by Sarai when she offered her servant Hagar to Abram because God was taking too long to fulfill his promise. Well when my close friend Stephanie was notified that my investor had fallen through she mentioned coming up with some 2nd options(Plan B). Well since I realized that God works in patterns and Pastor Ross gave a message on being careful during the period you’re waiting on your promise because your Plan B or Good idea will give you your promise instantly. So Stephanie mentioned a Business loan and I knew immediately that was my Sarah offering me my Hagar. I instantly shut that down; if I would have applied for a business loan I could have got the money instantly after all this time of walking in faith and being scared. Same with Abram, when he slept with Hagar she conceived instantly. But he had been trying for years to conceive with Sarah with no luck. Also in the end when God confirmed his covenant with Abram he changed his name so it could fit the blessing he was going to give Abram. He told Abram he would be a father of many nations. Well the name Abram means, glorious father so that name was too small to fit the blessing God wanted to give him. But the name Abraham means father of multitude of nations which fit the blessing God would give him. Well my business name at first was “Rip It Up World Fitness Boot camp, which was too small and limited to fit the blessing God wanted to give me. He said I can make an impact and help people get in shape worldwide so he had to change the name to fit the blessing. So I changed my name from “Rip It Up World Fitness Bootcamp” to just “Rip It Up World Fitness” so It could fit the blessing God was giving me. Also He changed the name of Sarai to Sarah because she was going to be a mother of many nations. Well I changed the name of my gym from (spirit xtreme gymnastics in Southlake, to Josephson Academy of Gymnastics of Los,Angeles). Now also the name of my new Gymnastics facility (Josephson Academy) now fits the blessing God wants to give me. Abraham had a son name Isaac who beget Jacob who beget Joseph who became a great King in Egypt. Well before Jacob (Israel-God’s chosen people) died he blessed Joseph’s son. So the name Josephson Academy of Gymnastics is the place where God will give birth to my promise. I confirmed that he was calling me to L.A because in the promise he says that “I will take you to a Land I will show you. Well he showed me because I had visited my cousin Taj 3 months prior and I knew that L.A would be the ideal place for me to start. The way God has revealed himself to me has been unreal and I just can’t believe it. All this time I never knew him and he found favor in me. I’m forever grateful and I will fulfill my purpose for his glory. Everything he is doing I will make sure people will know about it, which is the reason why I’m writing this letter. I want everyone in the world to know that God is real and to know how much he can bless anyone if they truly seek him and walk according to his word, as well as having Faith in him. For it is impossible to please God without Faith. Faith is the substance of things hoped for , the evidence of things not seen. Walking in Faith I must say has been the most uncomfortable experience ever in my life. I used to step out of my faith realm and into the worldly realm and be like why are you marketing a business and telling people to come to your camps and you don’t even know if or where your getting the money from . But then I would hear a message from Pastor Ross or in a song and I was able to hear the “word” and keep my Faith, and continue foward that way. “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word.” So even though I wasn’t reading my word, I was attending church and hearing the word which allowed me to have Faith. I’m so grateful that God had me under the right ministry to guide me along this path. If not I would have been lost and would have had no reference point and probably had given up. GOD IS TRULY AMAZING. I WILL MAKE SURE THAT THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS GOD IS REAL AND NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR HIM. Not even turning an Unemployment check into “Billions”


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