I Got Pulled from The Fire

Hi, I got saved in May this year, and it has been such a life changing experience. I identified as a homosexual for most of my life, and I lived a very unholy lifestyle. I remember that I was never really happy living this lifestyle though, and I was always searching for something to fix how I felt on the inside. I had a lot of problems with depression and did try to commit suicide several times during my teens and young adult years, and I eventually turned to drugs as the solution to fix my unhappiness, which I used heavily the last 1 year before I got saved.

Then one day I had a spiritual experience with my boyfriend when we were taking drugs. Before this I never really believed in anything spiritual, and was not religious at all.

So, my journey started. I first started exploring Buddhism and Hinduism, and then landed on New age for a little while, and got more and more involved in the spiritual world. But I opened so many doors to demonic entities, that I was having trouble living my life normally. And by a random chance I put on a exorcism video on YouTube and I felt how something on the inside of me really reacted to the praying, and the name Jesus. So I started investigating this further, and eventually realized that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came down to earth and died so that I could have life. So I gave my life to him, and I asked for forgiveness for my sins, and was forgiven.

Of course the unclean spirits that I had invited into my life earlier, was now spiritually attacking me day and night, and it took a few months before I grew enough in my faith to overcome them. A lot of the driving factors in my unhappiness earlier were unclean spirits that I had invited in through living an unholy lifestyle full of sin. The depression was an unclean spirit, so was the homosexuality, so was the porn addiction, among many others.

And today I am a new creation in Jesus Christ. I go to a evangelical church full of elderly people, and I don’t even mind that they are much older than me, because they are so full of love and the Holy spirit.

Btw, the boy friend that I started this journey with. He was a transgender male, so he was born a girl and changed sex before we got together. But Jesus worked through him too, and he detransitioned back to the original gender.  So I now have a wonderful girlfriend, and we are both very devoted Christians.

For Almighty God, NOTHING is impossible.