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Psalm 27

My Story – Psalm 27

Let me tell you a little about myself. Growing up as a child had its ups and downs.  One of the biggest downs was that I struggled with school€¦ especially learning and studying. My grades were certainly not at the top of the class.  I would study for hours and hours for a test and still fail.

During my high school years concluding approximately seven years ago, I was spiritually lost and then had an accident playing tag football which left me paralyzed from the shoulders down. During the first months of my injury, I was depressed and angry about the whole accident. I was blaming God saying, LORD, why me? LORD why did you do this to me? I heard the whole repent, turn to God speech and asked Christ into my life a couple times. I believe that was God trying to get my attention. It’s like my mom said, Kevin God has had his hand over you since the first time you asked Christ into your life.  Then years later I met my spiritual Coach who encouraged me to apply Christ to my daily walk. On the first day meeting with Coach he gave me a challenge to learn and memorize Psalm 27. At first I had to make sure he was talking to me and, of course, Coach was. So I began the journey of Psalm 27.

Learning Psalm 27 was not an easy task at all. I started by memorizing two verses every week. Let me remind you Psalm 27 has 14 verses and every week I was memorizing two verses. It meant staying up till one or two in the morning, learning and memorizing the verses over and over. It’s like a body builder- he has to have discipline to lift weights. After time, muscles develop revealing what he worked so hard for. You can’t just lift weights one time and be strong; it takes time and you lifting daily to be all you can be!  So through 8 weeks of hard work, God whipped me into shape while I was memorizing Psalm 27!  God really showed up and was blessing my life through this whole experience. Remember, that for me learning and studying early in my life was a losing battle.  Now, the greatest blessing and the reward for learning and memorizing Psalm 27 is owning it! Everyone can own part of God’s Word; you just have to get in shape and work for it.  It took me 8 weeks to know Psalm 27, and now within 2 minutes it can change a life for an eternity, and by God’s grace it already has and will continue to do so. It’s like what Philippians 4:13 says For I can do anything through Christ, who gives me strength. Call upon God to give you strength to know His Word. God can do anything when you let God be your light and salvation!