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Protection from HIV

I am a 27-year-old medical doctor practicing in Abuja, Nigeria. About two years ago, while having an emergency surgery for an HIV infected patient, his blood spilled into my eyes, placing me at risk of infection. Several other times in the course of my work, I have been exposed to infected blood of HIV patients. I never had the guts to test myself, because prior to my becoming born again, I have had unprotected sexual intercourse.

I committed my life to Christ sometime around July this year (2010). The Holy Spirit spoke to me and remembering Philippians 4:13 I feared not (because I knew I can do all things through Christ), I went for the test and the result as my faithful God has promised the result was negative….

I also want to thank him for his divine protection over me, my mother and my family, he has been the father for the ‘fatherless’.

All glory and honour be unto his name.

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