Bride and Groom Kissing at Wedding Ceremony

Proposed within Six Days

I met Peter on a fishing jetty, we spoke for two hours and I returned to Western Australia. Then he rang me and asked me to return to Victoria. I accepted and stayed with friends for a few days.

Peter proposed.

Immediately we spoke to Reverend Randell and he refused to marry us on the grounds that we had only dated for 6 days. He made us sit for a psychology test, we had to answer 75 multi choice questions. Peter sat at one end of the room with his test and I sat at the other end.

Once we completed the test Rev. Randell booked us in for counselling sessions. He phoned me the following day asking us to urgently see him. He appeared to looked happier and more pleased to see us. He said he had never checked a psychology test 4 times. He couldn’t believe the result. Peter and I answered 74 identical answers. He said it is a miracle of God. He continued to say that God ordained for us to meet and he said he would marry us immediately.

We have been married 20 years and we have a beautiful daughter who has turned 7 and she said to me today,

“One day I will marry and God will bring me a husband.”

Now I say this… be patient unto the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart, be true to His word and obey His teaching and trust and obey… and never turn your eyes off Him.

By the way, the one question we answered differently was.

How many children would you like?

I answered (A) 1-2, Peter answered (B) 2-3.


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